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HMS Livgidromash – is a modern high-tech company with a full production cycle.

Our main production capacities:

HMS Livgidromash has own experimental facilities - prototype-manufacturing and certified testing labs.

We systematically carry out upgrade of our production facilities with annual investments into purchasing of advanced equipment and mastering new process technologies.

Every production stage is under constant quality control. We have stringent standards for our suppliers: we test the batch before getting the whole scope of supply. Product quality control is carried out by Department according to certified quality management system.

HMS Livgidromash is responsible for lowering impact on environment according to established Environmental Policy at the HMS Livgidromash. Industrial Safety Lab regularly monitors and control environment and work area conditions according to state norms and rules.

Our own Researtch Centre is i inextricably linked to the main production; their highly skilled specialists  provide with the new development and technologies and take part in process upgrade.


Automatic core shooters by LAEMPE 

Impeller prototype manufactured

Casting simulation in LVMFlow

Our foundry capacities consist of cast iron shop with 600 ton/month productivity, steel and non-ferrous and special alloy casting shop, with 60 ton/month productivity, injection molding, permanent mold casting and liquid forging of aluminium alloys, pattern-making.

HMS Livgidromash applies advanced equipment and technologies in making mold cores with LAEMPE equipment, mould-and-core making with OMEGA equipment.

We use modern CNC machinery to make foudtry tooling (go to Tool Making ) for high quality casting and operating efficiency. Certain tools with a complex geometry are manufactured using EDEN500V™ 3d printer with 16 microns that also applied for prototyping of new products.

Iron-smelting is carried out in gas cokeless cupolas, which is more eco friendly and provides with high quality cast iron. Steel and non-ferrous alloys are smelted in induction furnaces with 250 and 400 kg capacity.

Quality of alloys is verified in central factory lab (CFL) which is equipped with modern tools for mechanical tests and micro-and-macrostructure tests. Chemical composition is verified by FOUNDRY-MASTER, modern optical emission spectrometer,. There is also nondestructive testing lab as part of CFL.

Our research centre has a foundry department to develop and implement new processes and new machinery, support full-scale production and upgrade of foundry facilities. All projects are carried out with CAD programs. Complex critical and challenging castings are simulated in LVMFlow program before being manufactured.


We successfully implemented and use the following processes:

  • Thermal processing - hardening, annealing, carburizing, gas nitriding, salt-bath quenching, HFC hardening.  Equpment in use - chamber furnaces, blast furnaces, HFC units.
  • Rubber part manufacturing: molded, pressed, casted, reinforced details. Equipment in use-  vulcanizing presses and autoclaves.
  • Plastic detail production: pressed, casted, reinforced details. Equipment in use - automatic presses for plastics, injection molding machines from KuASy and Demag.
  • Plasma sprayed alumina coatings .
  • Thermal cutting: oxy-fuel and plazma cutting.
  • Dot peen marking. Equipment in use: E8-С-151 dot peen marking machine by SIC .
  • Gasket cutting from of paronite, cardboard, rubber and plastic.
  • Equipment in use: CF2-1218RC-S Flatbed cutting plotter by Mimaki.
Injection molding machine
from Sumitomo Demag
Flatbed cutting plotter by Mimaki

    Mechanical assembly and toolmaking

    We consistently increase a number of CNC machines. Main production currently has over 800 units metal cutting equipment including:

    • horizontal and vertical turning centers with 1200mm diameter and up to 8000m length of processing;
    • drilling and boring machines;
    • fleet of milling machines;
    • unique machines for helical surface processing;

    Processing site of impellers & brackets for 1К/SM/D/ 1D series pumps is equipped with high-performance machinery from leading international manufacturers to make details with superior quality and main dimensions up to Ø850х900mm. Site capacity = 1800 impellers and 1300 brackets per month.

    Вертикальный токарный станок с ЧПУ Doosan  сдвоенной компоновки Токарный станок с ЧПУ Doosan для обработки рабочих колес
    PUMA VT9002SP CNC vertical twin spindle turning center by DOOSAN  PUMA 400 CNC horizontal turning center by DOOSAN
    Рабочее колесо, обработанное на  станке DOOSAN
    Impellers processed at machinery by DOOSAN

    Processing site of shafts consists of two PUMA 2600LY turning centers by DOOSAN and КС-796 milling & centring machine and shafts with up to 1200mm length are processed PUMA 240 turning center by DOOSAN is used for shaft, rod and pin processing. Modernized horizontal boring centers with with DRO (destructive readout) are used for large casing part processing.

    PR16.1 thread rolling machine by PROFIROLL is used for hardware manufacturing.

    Shaft processing site Shafts for 1D pumps
    PR16.1 thread-rolling machine
    PR16.1 thread-rolling machine

    In toolmaking we use modern CNC machinery: Mv-70en vertical machining center by Mitsubishi and POWER FC 2500 machining centre by SAHOS for dealing with challenges of processing multi-profile surfaces, for example – casting mold parts.

    Casting tool manufacturing on М-V70Еn machining center
    5-ти осевой обрабатывающий центр POWER FC-2500CNC для изготовления элементов литейной оснасткиИзготовление деревянной оснастки и оснастки из модельных пластиков  на 5х координатном обрабатывающем центре POWER FC 2500 CNC фирмы SAHOS
    Wooden and plastic detail manufacturing on POWER FC 2500 machining center

    For processing of details with multi-profile surface which are not the subject to machining we use ZNCE-50/SVEI-7 electrical discharge machining machines.


    Coating parts against corrosion and to improve wear resistance as well as giving a decorative appearance are carried out in the Electroplating. Equipment in use: manually operated stationary baths.

    Main processes:

    • zinc plating with colourless & rainbow chromate treatment;
    • accelerated oxidation of carbon steels;
    • chromium-plating of moulds, rods, screws.

    We consistently improve our processes and introduce new advanced electrolytes with high scattering deep-penetrating power and current output in close cooperation with specialists of Mendeleyev University of chemical technology of Russia.