1947 Livensky plant of small hydroturbine manufacturing had been launched. First workshops such as: pumps, mechanical-repair and wood-working were built. Konstantin Shugrin was the first Managing director of the plant.
Konstantin Shugrin – the first Managing Director The plant was built on the ruins of distillery
1948 The first set of 4К-6 pumps was assembled; the first hydro turbine was shipped.
First 4К-6 pump - nowadays a museum exhibit First pumps were assembled in Workshop №1
1949 Workshops such as : machine-assembling shop, tool shop, foundry shop were built. The first cast iron was welded. The complete closed manufacturing cycle of was established. The first 6 pumps for export were assembled. Number of employees exceed more than 200 persons.

Foundry building
1950 Pump manufacturing site construction that later on became a separate Pump building plant. Manufacturing of gear, peripheral, vacuum pumps had been launched. More than 2000 centrifugal and rotary vane-type pumps, 163 hydro turbines were manufactured.


First VK peripheral pump
1952 Evening engineering College was founded to train specialists for the plant.
1957 Second foundry construction of 10 thousand tons of castings capacity a year.
Foundry building
1959 Pump engineering bureau was established.
1963 4 plants such as: («Livhydromash», «Pump building plant», «Plant of fire-fighting equipment manufacturing» and «Oil pumps building plant»,)had been merged into Livhydromash, one pumps manufacturing company "". V.M.Lihman became the Managing Director. Further social development resulted in amenities constructions: housing for personnel, kindergarten, nurseries, SPA, canteen, leisure clubs, etc. Product range of manufactured pumps has already reached more than 100 types.
Untitled-2.jpg Untitled-3.jpg
V.M.Lihman. Managing Director of Livhydromash “Livhydromash Block of flats for personnel”
1964 Plant of fire-fighting equipment manufacturing and Oil pump building plant had left Livhydromash. Quality of pumps had improved and the plant commenced the transition to- zero-defects method of products manufacturing. The first issue of ‘’Livensky’’ worker came out.
Untitled-4.jpg Untitled-5.jpg
Site №2. Main office «Livensky worker»,corporate newspaper
1965 Livny branch of National R &D Institute of hydraulic engineering was established to develop and realize manufacturing of all types of positive-displacement pump.
1966 Livensky pump building plant and plant "Livhydromash" again have merged in one pumps manufacturing company – Livhydromash, Livensky plant of hydraulic engineering".
1968 1000000th pump (8NDV) was manufactured which have been supplied in Mamayev Memorial, Volgograd- city.
1000000th pump (8NDV) 
1969 3V4/25 first three-screw pump had been awarded with State Quality mark in the Orel area ,first time ever in Orel Region.
1972 Sites of "Livhydromash" included 90000 m2 of industrial spaces, 18 workshops, 5 sections, 30 departments .Nomenclature of produced equipment included about 2000 products. Over 115 000 pumps of various types were shipped to consumers annually. 
1976 Livny branch of National R &D Institute of hydraulic engineering joined Industrial association "Livhydromash”.
Personnel of Livny branch of National R &D Institute of hydraulic engineering
1976 2000000th pump (D320-50) was manufactured and shipped to Kamsky automobile plant.
1983 3000000th pump (D-500-65) was manufactured and shipped to builders of Urengoj-Pomary-Uzhgorod gas pipeline.
1991 R & D Center was established on the basis of Livny branch of National R &D Institute of hydraulic engineering and a part of plant departments was founded and has successfully been operating till present.
Здание научно-технического центра
Building of R&D Center
1992 The Plant is reorganized into joint-stock company "Livhydromash.
1998 Nikolay Jamburenko became the Managing Director.
Nikolay Jamburenko
2001 The Company has implemented the certified quality management system that complies with requirements of international standards of ISO series 9000, and eventually ISO 9001:2000.
2005 JSC"Livhydromash" became a part of« Hydraulic machines and systems», investment -industrial group (since 2008 JSC “HMS Group”). A.F Dvorjadkin was appointed as a new Managing Director.
A.F.Dvorjadkin. Managing Director of JSC"HMS Livgidromash"-
2006 Servicing has been introduced along with the rapid expansion of regional service center network of “HMS Livgidromash”.
2010 JSC "Livhydromash" has been renamed into JSC "HMS Livgidromash as part of HMS Group.
New logo company
2012 HMS Livgidromash celebrated the 65th anniversary year.
HMS Livgidromash maim office