НMS Livgidromash continues to improve useful qualities of the products fabricated for the food-processing industries

On the basis of gear pumps SH40 widely used and shown to good advantage for food productions the new embodiment of the gear pump SH40-4P was worked out by applying materials of the flow passage which are useable in respect of food products, and was qualified for the requirements of Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (TRCU).

Pump SH40-4P is designed for usage in food production while pumping vegetable oils, fat and its substitutes, mixtures of oil and fat, melted mixtures, mayonnaise and other liquids possessing lubricating capability and ensuring rate of penetration of the corrosion just into the material of 0,1 mm/year maximum, at the kinematic viscosity ranging from 0,018×10-4 up to 22×10-4 m2/s (from 1,08 up to 300ºE) and a temperature of up to 373К (100°С).

The advantages of the said pump are the following ones:

  • simplicity of design ensuring its high reliability;
  • extra efficiency;
  • compact dimensions make it possible to use the pumps within limited space;
  • practically the said pumps do not call for technical maintenance;
  • provision is made for accessibility of sanitary and hygienic measures.

Technical characteristics of the pump:

capacity when handling oil at the viscosity of 0,75x10-4 m2/s (10°E) 

19,5 m3/h

outlet pressure, maximum

4 kgf/сm2

power of the electric pump when handling oil at the viscosity of 0,75 х10-4 m2/s (10°E) 

5 kW

Frequency of rotation - 980 rpm, mains voltage - 220/380 V 


Materials of the flow passage of the pump SH40-4P, which are allowable to come in contact with food: 

Denomination of the detail
Applied material Normative document

Bronze Br ОЗЦ7С5Н1

  GOST 613-79

Front cover 
Rear cover
Driving shaft

Steel 95X18

  GOST 5632-2014

Driven shaft
Drive gear
Driven gear