HMS Livgidromash developed series manufacturing of new axial pumps OG-50 and mobile pumping stations SNP

In order to expand the product range and to satisfy the customer's needs the JSC «HMS Livgidromash» has mastered full-scale production of the following equipment:

- centrifugal horizontal axial pump OG -50.

The said pump is intended to pump water (and specifically with a content of sand, mud) during irrigation and drainage works and also to deliver water from different water-storage reservoirs into open irrigation network at a height lift of up to 11 meters and at a capacity of up to 2500 m3/hour.

- mobile pumping station SNP-500/10 UXL 3.1

The station is made on the basis of horizontal axial pump ОG-50 of HMS Livgidromash production and diesel drive. It is designed to handle water and to perform irrigation and drying works. The pumping station is provided with high performance characteristics and is reliably operated under temperate and tropical climate conditions. Pumping station has a system of automatic protection against emergency motor operation; thanks to this automatic function the constant monitoring over running operation is ensured. At the Customer's request the diesel pumping unit may be manufactured on the frame, skids, wheeled chassis:

  • capacity 485-700 h/p;
  • head 11,0-6,5 m;
  • suction lift - 2,8 m;
  • mass of the unit - 4000 kg

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