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Modernization of three-screw oil pumps of А3 3Вх2 type

It is possible to fabricate the case of the pump in heating modification
We inform that for three-screw oil pumps А3 3Вх2 it is possible to fabricate the case of the pump in heating modification. It allows to perform the heating of the case, as well as to warm up high-viscosity liquids, such as residual fuel oil, vapour or any other heat-transfer material.

The overall-mounting dimensions of the units were kept intact: thus ensuring good use of heating three-screw pumps in development of new projects as well as in existing technological lines.

To order the pump in such design modification it is necessary to make corresponding mark in the questionnaire for ordering pumps, notably in the address field "Necessity for supplying cooling/heating fluid” through showing by marks «heating by vapour/water».

For more detailed technical information about new pump modification А3 3Вх2, apply by using the following address