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Size and type spectrum of electric pumps GNOM is expandedni GNOM 7-7 is mastered

Manufacturing of centrifugal submersible drainage electric pumps Mini GNOME7-7 is mastered
Our factory masters the manufacturing of centrifugal submersible drainage electric pumps Mini GNOM 7-7 intended for pumping of contaminated waters with the temperature up to 35 °С, density up to 1100 kg/m³, with the content of solid mechanical impurities up to 10% by weight with density of solid particles no more than 2500 kg/m³ and the maximum size up to 5 mm.

These pumps are made in monophase modification (220V) and produced as with internal float level sensor (letter D in pump marking), and without it.

The price of produced electric pump :

  • Mini GNOM7-7 - 4 000 rbl. with VAT
  • Mini  GNOM 7-7D - 4 235 rbl. with VAT