Foundry Machinery Modernization carried out by HMS Group

For the purpose of mastering the production of next generation of DeLium double-entry pump the complex modernization of foundry shop at the HMS Livgidromash (HMS Group) was successfully completed.

The new foundry is equipped with automatic molding line of FAT (Germany) production, which comes with regeneration system, casting removal station, pouring & cooling lines, and other necessary equipment as well. The FAT molding line works under technology of cold-hardening mixtures (furan-process): thus providing high performance characteristics (firstly, the strength properties) and significant reduction of iron cast production time.

Because of the said upgrading the production capacities of the shop have been increased by 20% up to 6 thousand tons of castings per a year: and thereby increasing the output of cast products for traditional cradle-mounted pumps of K type and double-entry pumps of D type, which are in great demand.

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