Since 09.07.2015 the OJSC "HMS Livgidromash" has been renamed into JSC "HMS Livgidromash" in accordance with amendments of Civil Code of RF.

By corporate resolution of the annual general meeting of shareholders of the OJSC «HMS Livgidromash» (hereinafter referred to as the Society), called on 09.06.2015 (the Report dated 09.06.2015 № 2015/G), the charter of the Society has been approved in a new version wherein provision is made for renaming the Society into the Joint Stock Company «HMS Livgidromash» (JSC «HMS Livgidromash») on purpose to bring the corporate charter to conformity with the requirements of the Civil code of Russian Federation, statutory wording of the Federal law dated May 05, 2014 № 99-FZ «About alterations of Chapter 4, the first part of the Civil code of Russian Federation and about annulling of separate provisions of Legal acts of Russian Federation».

The state registration of alterations of the founding documents of the Society has been implemented by Interregional inspection of Federal Tax Service №9 of the Orel region, dated  08.07.2015, GRN 2155749112430.

Having regard to the above and starting from 09.07.2015, when it comes to all letters inclusive addressed to the Society, draft contracts, draft agreements, bank accounts, invoices, bills of lading and other shipping and accounting documents which incorporate official name of the Society, it is necessary to indicate the following denominations:

  • The full firm's name – Joint Stock Company «HMS Livgidromash»;

  • The abbreviated firm's name – JSC «HMS Livgidromash»

The renaming of the Society shall entail no changes in rights and obligations within mutual relations with Contracting Parties, Public and Local Authorities.

Under the Part 7, Article 3 of the Federal Law dated 05.05.2014 №99-FZ the change of name of the legal entity because of its bringing to conformity with the norms of Chapter 4, Civil code of Russian Federation (as reworded by above-noted Federal Law) does not require introduction of alterations into documents of entitlement and other documents involving its previous business name.