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Centrifugal circulating electric pumps of CVC-Т type are intended for water circulation at a temperature up to 60°С, containing not more than 0,01 % of mechanical impurities by weight and the size of particles up to 0,1 mm within the service water systems.

Electric pumps are fabricated in single-phase version rated for 220 V and three-phase version rated for 380 V.

Maximum ambient temperature under service conditions is 40°С, relative humidity of air of up to 80%.

As far as the type of protection against electrical shock is considered, the electric pumps correspond to 1st class.

Electric pumps are not designed for servicing in explosion-and-fire hazard premises.

Climatic version U3.1 as per GOST15150-69. Temperature class of electric pump unit ТF 60.


Electric pump is a monoblock unit consisting of an asynchronous three-phase or single-phase motor with synchronous speed of 50s-1 (3000 rpm) and pump section.

Pump section comprises: cast iron casing, impeller, connecting piece and coupling. Impeller is secured on the shaft by the screw. The shaft is sealed by the end seal. The casing is sealed around a joint by rubber ring.


  • industrial enterprises - providing circulation in a water supply system; for circulation of water in heat supply systems
  • individual houses/cottages for circulation of water in heat supply systems

Features /Advantages

  • due to original design decisions the stainless shaft of the pump is rigidly fixed on an electric motor shaft, thus, the rotor of the pump makes a whole with rotor of electric motor, allowing to reduce radial gap in slot packing between impeller and the pump case, to lower internal flow-overs and to increase efficiency
  • easy installation and dismantling, terminal box of electric motor can be deployed in the required position

Technical parameters

Pump models Flow (nomin.), m³/h Head, m Head (max.), m Pump power input (max.), kW Pump inlet pressure, MPa, max Pump efficiency,% Electric pump efficiency,% Current, A Voltage, V Frequency, Hz Number of phases Type of current Weight, kg
CVC-T 4-2,8 4 2.8 5 0.12 1 21.5 21 1 220 50 1 AC 6
CVC-T 6,3-3,5 6.3 3.5 6 0.18 1 27 27 1.3 220 50 1 AC 7
CVC-T 6,3-3,5 6.3 3.5 6 0.18 1 27 27 0.52 380 50 3 AC 6

Pump type key

For example CVC-T 6,3-3,5 TU 3631-036-05747979-96, where:

  • CVC – type of the electric pump (centrifugal, for water, circulating pump)
  • T - with end-face seal
  • 6,3 – nominal capacity, m3/h
  • 3,5 – head, m