AS-NMSH 8-25-6,3/25А - Gear-type pumps AS-SH, AS-HMSH (for nuclear power)

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On nuclear power plant:

  • for oil supply in oil tanks of GCNA
  • in system of oil feed of diesel power station
  • for supply of diesel fuel in system of diesel generating set
  • for filtering a fire resistant fluid in systems of regulation and greasing of turbines

Features /Advantages

  • High reliability. - Simple design and high manufacturing precision ensures its reliability. Service life - 50 years
  • Easy to use. - They are virtually maintenance free. This helps reduce downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Security. - The pumps are made to the satisfaction of federal rules and regulations in the field of nuclear energy use in earthquake-resistant design, seismic category I or II, the safety class 2 or 3.
  • In pumps use single mechanical seals of their own making, providing reliable protection against leakage along the shaft.
  • Housing parts are made of steel 35.
  • The materials used for pump components are selected from a recommended list of materials, specially adapted for the manufacture of equipment of nuclear power. To the suppliers of materials and components are subject to additional requirements for quality assurance.

Technical parameters

Options Values
Flow, m³/h, least 6.3
Pump power input (nomin.), kW 5.4
Rotation speed, rpm 1450
Rotation speed, c˜¹ 24
Pump outlet pressure, kgf/sm², max 25
Full overflow pressure, MPa 3.75
Pump efficiency,% 81
Voltage, V 380
Frequency, Hz 50
Type of current AC
Allowable vacuum suction, m 5

Pump type key

For example AS-NMSH 8-25-6,3/2,5А U3, where:

  • AS – version of the unit for nuclear power stations
  • NMSH 8-25 – pump standard size designation as per GOST 19027-89
  • 6,3 - capacity of the pump when coupled with motor, m³/h
  • 2,5 - outlet pressure of the pump when coupled with motor, kgf/сm²
  • А - material designation of the pump parts (steel 35 GOST 1050-88)
  • U3 – climatic version and location category as per GOST15150-69