Burun SH 0,3/4-CH 0,55/4 - Single-screw electric pumps Burun® SH

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Burun SH
  • Screw
  • Chemical processing
  • Food industry
  • Water intake
  • Water supply
  • Drainage
  • Water supply
  • Water supply
  • Water intake
  • Water supply
  • Drainage
  • Chemically active
  • Highly viscous
  • Food products
  • Clear water
  • Waste water
  • water + petroleum products


Single-screw electric pump Burun SH series are intended for pumping water and dissimilar liquids, suspensions with viscosity up to 3000 MPa, with temperature up to 35°С at operation in continuous mode and with temperature up to 70°С at a periodic operating mode (no more than 20 minutes in hour).

Electric pumps can be used in the food, perfumery and chemical industries for pumping products in the wide range of viscosities.

Electric pumps are manufactured:

  • in single-phase execution ,voltage 220 V and in three-phase execution, voltage 380 V without frequency converter
  • in single-phase execution ,voltage of 220 V and in three-phase execution voltage 380 V with the frequency converter

Electric pumps are not intended for operation in explosion and fire-hazardous premises, except for GNOM 16-16Ex ( marking of protection -1Ех d IIС Т5 Gb).

Electric pump related to the items of aspect 1 (repairable ones) as per GOST 27.003-90.

Climatic version U1.1 GOST15150-69.

Operating mode is continuous.


Electric pump consists of pump part, electric motor and support.

Pump part consists of case, screw, rubber movable shell and lamp.

As to the principle of operation pump is a positive displacement machine.

Operating elements of the pump are pump case, drive screw which is fixed rigidly on the shaft of the electric motor and rubber shell.

The screw of the pump is a single-threaded one, its any cross-section is a circle, the centre of which is shift relatively to the axis by magnitude of eccentricity.

During rotation of the screw in the shell the liquid displaces between screw and shell.

The internal cavity of the electric motor from extension of shaft is separated from a flowing part by end-face seal.

Drive of the electric pump is the asynchronous electric motor of three-phase or single-phase execution. The sense of rotation of rotor is clockwise (right-handed), as viewed from the fan side.

The electric pump is completed with the frequency converter. For pumping of viscous liquids it is necessary to lower frequency and on the contrary. Volume supply of the electric pump decreases or increases in proportion to frequency. At exceeding of admissible viscosity of liquid there is a noise in operation of the electric pump because of cavitation, in this case it is necessary to reduce frequency.


  • pumping of pure water and the polluted drain waters in domestic sphere, in the sphere of housing and communal services, agriculture and other branches
  • drainage and drying-out, silt and dirt pumping from different capacities, holes, ditches
  • watering and irrigation of agricultural lands, farmlands

Features /Advantages

  • equalized liquid flow without pulsation and mixing and able to save its structure
  • high self-priming ability
  • simple design for convenient service. pumps consist of three main parts: corrosion-proof screw, rubber statorl and shaft sealing
  • compact size (pump is portable), simple installation and service
  • pump capacity is proportional to rotation speed. with variable frequency drives is easier to control pump parameters
  • high pump pressure at a small dimension is provided with rubber stator with a self-regulating clearance. The clearance between screw and rubber stator remains constant at pressure increase
  • wide range of pumped liquid: from drinking water to viscous and chemically active liquids. Flow parts and screw are made of stainless steel and meet sanitary and hygienic requirements (certified to Russian regulations). rubber for stator is selected according to liquidfor applications in food, fragrance industry and chemical processing
  • wide range of electric motors, including 220V
  • possibility of automated operation of the electric pump thanks to complete set of frequency converter (with index of "CH" in conventional designation). It gives a number of additional benefits, namely:
    • smooth start-up and stop of motor excludes harmful effects of transients (for example hydraulic blow) in pressure pipelines and processing equipment
    • start-up of the motor is carried out at currents limited at level of nominal rate that increases durability of the motor, reduces power requirements of the mains and power requirements of switched equipment
  • energy efficiency increase
  • convenient regulation of giving and more exact dispensing

Technical parameters

Options Values
Series Burun SH
Flow (rang), m³/h 0.3...0.04
Rotation speed (rang), rpm 750...1500
Pump outlet pressure, kgf/sm², max 4
Current, A 1
Voltage, V 380
Frequency, Hz 50
Number of phases 3
Type of current AC
Weight, kg 14
Suction lift (max), m 5
Viscosity Limit, mPa*s 2000

Pump type key

Example Burun® SH 3,6/4 - CH М 0,75/2 - B - 1 TU 26-06-1622-92, where:

  • Burun® – trade mark
  • SH – self-priming for chemical active liquids
  • 3,6 – ideal capacity, m³/h
  • 4 – pump pressure (Рmax), kgf/cm²
  • CH – version: CH – with frequency converter, without designation – without frequency converter
  • М - version of motor: М – single-phase 220V; without designation – three-phase 380V
  • 0,75 – nominal power of motor, кW
  • 2 – quantity of motor poles
  • B – version of shell material: without designation - rubber IRP-1068, А - rubber АN 140, B - rubber 25-52-563
  • 1 - version of branch pipe: without designation – threaded branch pipe, 1 – without thread (only for shell material of version B )

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