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Vacuum water-packed ring pump are intended for pumping-out of air or nonaggressive gases and vapor-gas mixtures prepurified from the main volume of condensed moisture and can operate with air, water or nonaggressive gases, vapors and liquids. The pumps do not require purification of in-going gas and also, allow for ingress of liquids into the device together with the induced air.

The pumps are intended for chemical, food, paper-pulp, oil, gas and other industries.

Electric pump VVN1-1,5 can also used in agricultural farms (for milking units). Electric pumps 2VVN1-0,8 can be used to draw preliminary rarefaction in high-vacuum plants.

Pumps (units, electric pumps) VVN, 2VVN are related to the items of aspect 1 (repairable ones) as per GOST 27.003-90 and are manufactured in climatic version UHL 4.2 and Т 2 as per GOST 15150-69.

Electric pump VVN1-1,5 and pump units VVN1-12, VVN1-3 and VVN1-0,75 are not intended for use in explosion-and-fire hazard premises. Electric pumps 2VVN1-0,8 can be used in explosion-and-fire hazardous premises if equipped with explosion-proof motor.


Electric pumps of 2VVN1-0,8 and VVN1-1,5 are manufactured in close coupled version and consists of the pump and electric motor, eccentrically arranged relatively to the motor shaft on the frame.

Pump units VVN1-12, VVN1-3 and VVN1-0,75 consists of the pump and electric motor, mounted on a common frame.

VVN pump –is vacuum water-packed ring machine of simple action with lateral suction and axial delivery. The operating principle is based on mechanical suction and extrusion of gas due to volumetric change of the working cavity.

Pump consists of the following main details: cover, casing, disk, bracket, shaft.

The casing is essentially a iron casting which accommodates the suction and delivery chambers.

The suction and delivery chambers are connected to the working chamber by large and small crescent-shaped cutout in the casing.

The disk is keyed on the shaft. The disk can move freely along the shaft in the axial direction: thus ensuring uniform end clearances between the cover and casing. Disk is made of bronze. When the disk is put in rotation, water under the action of centrifugal forces is thrown away by the blades to the walls so a ring of water being formed.

A vacuum is created between the hub of the working disk and water ring inner face: thus ensuring gas suction through the large crescent-shaped cutout in the pump casing.

In further rotation of the disk the pumped gas is compressed. Gas and excessive water are extruded into the delivery nozzle of the pump through the small crescent-shaped cutout in the casing.

To maintain a constant volume of water ring and to discharge the heat that is gated out with rubbing parts and compressed gas, it is necessary, that the pure water without mechanical impurities shall circulate through the pump without fail (continuously).

Electric pump VVN1-1,5 and pumping units VVN1-3 and VVN1-0,75 are provided with stuffing box seal. Electric pumps 2VVN1-0,8 have an end-face sealing of the shaft.

Sense of shaft rotation – right-handed (clockwise, if viewed from the electric motor end).


  • food industry in technological processes of degassing of vegetable oils
  • confectionary plants - for accelerated cooking of caramel
  • tobacco plants - for drying of tobacco in the course of production of tobacco products
  • wood-working industry - for vacuum drying of wood
  • complexes of housing and communal services and water canals - for filling of suction pipelines with pumped liquid
  • agricultural enterprises in watering systems, for filling of the suction line of centrifugal pumps

Features /Advantages

  • handling of air and gases with solids
  • no wearing parts
  • ВВН1-1,5, 2ВВН1-0,8 close coupled pumps with compact design and lower vibration and noise levels
  • stuffing box made of modern thermal expanded graphite material considerably reduces time for maintenance

Technical parameters

Options Values
Series VVN, 2VVN
Pump power input (max.), kW 6.15
Rotation speed, rpm 1500
Rotation speed, c˜¹ 25
Voltage, V 380
Frequency, Hz 50
Type of current AC
Nominal capacity, m³/s 0.0560
Decreasing the nominal capacity, % m³/s 20
Water flow rate, m³/h, max 0.4200

Pump type key

For example 2VVN1-0,8-UHL4 TU3648- 236 -05747979-2004 , where :

  • 2 – upgrade serial number
  • VVN1 – vacuum water-packed ring pump with nominal pressure of 0,04 МPа
  • 0,8 – capacity, m3/min
  • UHL – climatic version
  • 4 – in-service location category

Instruction manual :

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Certificates, permits :

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Order forms :

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