GA-60 - Hydraulic accumulator GA

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Hydraulic accumulator is intended for operation of household electric pumps in an automatic mode to generate the constant pressure in industrial water-supply systems of personal houses, dachas, personal lands and other rooms.

Ambient temperature at operation should be from plus 1 up to plus 40°С, relative air humidity - up to 80 %.

As protection against defeat by an electric current the hydraulic accumulator corresponds to 1 class.

Protection degree IР40 GOST 14254.

Operating mode - continuous. Operating conditions - without supervision.


Hydraulic accumulator consists of head tank, rubber membrane, flange, valve, legs.

Head tank is closed by flange. There is a branch pipe on a flange (with mounting dimension I" ) for connecting with pipeline and pump.

From the opposite side there is a valve for air pumping in a head tank. Rubber membrane excludes mixing of air with water and provides tightness of joint on a flange.

Using of pressure relay is a principle of operation of hydraulic accumulator. At turning on of the pump, water is pumped in head tank up to pressure value, which is equal to the upper limit of pressure relay setup, then it is automatically disconnected. At a water consumption the pressure in system falls to a limit of pressure relay actuation and pump starts to work.

Pressure in system is controlled by pressure gauge.

Water supply in head tank excludes frequent turning on of the pump at insignificant water consumption.


  • for automated systems of cold and hot water supply (at combined work of submersible or surface pump)
  • for step-up installations and feeding devices, fire fighting instilations
  • prevention of hydrodynamic blows at the moment of turning on of the pumps which feed system with water
  • use as expansion tanks in hot water supply
  • automatic providing with drinking water of private houses,dachas
  • water-supply of farms and other objects
  • water-supply of objects of the social sphere having no centralized water supply

Technical parameters

Options Values
Series GA
Voltage, V 220
Frequency, Hz 50
Weight, kg 17
Volume, l, max 60

Pump type key

Example GА-25 , where :

  • - hydraulic accumulator
  • 25 - tank capacity, l

Instruction manual :

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Certificates, permits :

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