Gnom 53-10Tr - Centrifugal close-coupled submersible electric pumps GNOM

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Centrifugal submersible electric pumps of Gnom pump are intended for pumping of contaminated waters with the temperature up to 35⁰С, version Tr – up to 60⁰С, density up to 1100 kg/m³, with solid mechanical impurities content up to 10% by mass, and the density of solids not more than 2500 kg/m³ and maximum size of the particles up to 5 mm.

Electric pumps are fabricated in single-phase version for voltage of 220 V and in three-phase version for voltage of 380 V frequency 50 Hz.

Electric pump units are not designed for servicing in explosion-and-fire hazard premises.

Climatic version U* GOST 15150-69. Continuous mode of operation.


The electric pump is a portable monoblock consisting of a submersible induction motor and centrifugal single-stage pump.

In the electric pumps Gnom 50-25Tr and Gnom 100-25 Tr the motors are filled up with transformer oil. The motors of other pups are provided with dry winding.

The design of the pumps covers the open and closed impellers.

The sealing of the impellers around the butt end and the hub is ensured by regulable diaphragm or by reinforced rubber ring.

The bottom bearing is fitted in the case by using the adhesive. The hermetic sealing of the motor is performed by way of the end-face seal, cuff and separating oil chamber

The oil is poured through the threaded hole in the bottom portion of the case. The hole is closed by the plug with rubber ring. Arranged in the cover is an operational opening being closed by the plug.


  • pumping of the pure and polluted liquids (water) in complexes of housing and communal services, water-supply and other branches
  • pumping of hot (pure and polluted) waters at emergencies of housing and communal services and water-supply
  • drainage and water intake systems
  • pumping of drainage flows (water with impurity of oil products) at the oil refining enterprises
  • household use: watering, water-supply, pumping of sewages

Features /Advantages

  • pump design enables handling liquids with the solids content of up to 5 mm in size
  • motor casing is made of thick tube for prevention of deformation and decompression in case of rough handling
  • mechanical seals from leading manufacturers to increase pump reliability

Technical parameters

Options Values
Series Gnom
Flow (nomin.), m³/h 53
Head, m 10
Rotation speed, rpm 1500
Rotation speed, c˜¹ 25
Electric pump efficiency,% 50
Current, A 8.5
Voltage, V 380
Frequency, Hz 50
Number of phases 3
Type of current AC
Weight, kg 63

Pump type key

For example Mini Gnom 7 - 7 D, 220V TU 3631-025-05747979-2003, where :

  • Mini - modification, Mini – pumps rated for low head/capacity, 1 – plastic casing of the pump
  • Gnom – trade mark
  • 7 – nominal capacity, m3/h
  • 7 – nominal head, m
  • D – with float switch (level sensor), without designation – without float switch (without level sensor)
  • Tr – for water with temperature of up to 60 °С , without designation – for water with temperature up to 35 °С
  • 380V – nominal pressure, V

Instruction manual :

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Certificates, permits :

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