DNA-1D 320/50/2 - Diesel pump units DNA

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  • Pumping EQUIPMENT
  • Metallurgy, mining
  • Firefighting
  • Water intake
  • Water supply
  • Drainage
  • Water supply
  • Chemically active
  • Clear water
  • Brine water
  • Sea water
  • Waste water
  • Waste fecal water
  • Hot water
  • water + petroleum products


Diesel-driven pump units of DNA type are intended for pumping of water and other liquids with the viscosity properties and chemical activity similar to water, namely, up to 36 10-6 m²/s (36sSt), with a temperature ranging from 274 up to 358К (from 1 up to 85°С), with the dry solids content not more than 0,05% by weight, with the size not more than 0,2 mm and misrohardness not exceeding 6,5 GPа (650kgf/mm²).

The units may be used in fire extinguishing systems.

The units are related to the items of aspect 1 (repairable) as per GOST 27.003-90 and are fabricated in climatic version UHL location category 3.1 as per GOST 15150-69. At the Client's request the units may be fabricated in another climatic version and location category.

The units are not intended for use in explosion and fire hazardous premises.


Stationary unit version comprises: the pump and diesel drive mounted on the frame.

The diesel drive consists of a power-generating set, which is served by motor switchbox (for the pumps having a frequency of rotation of 2900 rpm) or by power take-off (MOM) (for the pumps having a frequency of rotation of 1500 rpm).

Diesel drive is equipped :

  • air intake system with air filter,
  • exhaust system with exhaust silencer, cooling system with water radiator and oil cooler,
  • feed system with fuel tank and, primary fuel filter,
  • electrical equipment with control panel,
  • clutch release lever.

The pump is attached to the frame of diesel drive. The pump is connected to the power-generating set by cardan shaft.

Sense of rotor rotation is right hand (clockwise), if viewed from the diesel drive end.

The system of manual control and SAPSiZ (warning protection system) of the unit comply with the 1 st automation degree as per GOST 14228-80 and activate the following functions: startup, control, automatic maintenance of revolutions, recharging of accumulators and emergency protection of diesel.

DNA Pump Configuration:

  • standard configuration (DNA)
  • on the skids (DNA-p)
  • on the trailer chassis (DNA-sh)

Scope of delivery of the DNA pumps. Options:

  • Main completeness of stationary DNA:
    • power drive of own production with manual control on the basis of a diesel motor
    • centrifugal pump
  • Main completeness of skid-mounted DNA-p:
    • power drive of own production with manual control on the basis of a diesel motor;
    • centrifugal pump;
    • skids (sledge) for unit transportation.
  • Main completeness of DNA-sh pump mounted on the trailer chassis:
    • power drive of own production with manual control on the basis of a diesel motor;
    • centrifugal pump;
    • chassis for unit transportation.

Complete equipment (supplied in addition) for DNA pump:

  • Complete equipment of stationary DNA pump:
    • gas-jet vacuum device;
    • shutter on the pressure tube;
    • bellows expansion joint for exhaust system together with mating flanges;
    • weather protection hood;
    • DNA automatic start & control systems;
    • liquid or electric starting heater;
    •  standard suction line.
  • Complete equipment of skid-mounted DNA-p:
    • weather protection hood;
    • liquid starting heater;
    • standard suction line;
    • shutter on the pressure tube;
    • gas-jet vacuum device;
    •  lifting mechanism of suction line with hand winch.
  • Complete equipment of DNA-sh pump mounted on the trailer chassis:
    • weather protection hood;
    • gas-jet vacuum device;
    • liquid starting heater;
    • shutter on the pressure tube.
    • standard suction line.


  • irrigation, in systems of watering of agricultural grounds where there is no access to other sources of water
  • work of emergency water supply systems in case of electric pumps absence
  • water-supply of hardly accessible areas in regions of absence of electrical power supply
  • in systems of water intakes of drinking water in the absence of centralized electrical power supply
  • in the mining industry: pumping of ground waters, service water supply in systems of rock erosion
  • emergency water-supply of service water in a cooling system at the enterprises of a metallurgical complex
  • drainage systems at pumping of faecal flows in places of absence of electrical power supply
  • emergency circulation in systems of heat supply, feed of boilers, pumping of condensate, at power plant
  • emergency supply of service water in cooling systems of nuclear power plant,
  • in fire extinguishing systems for emergency water supply in the absence of the electric power
  • in fire extinguishing systems for emergency supply of sea water on port objects, offshore structures for oil production

Features /Advantages

  • operation in the absense of electric power
  • wide application range (irrigation, watering, fire fighting systems etc.)
  • prompt commissioning
  • capacity and head control by changing the engine speedportable
  • versions are available
  • wide range of diesel motors of domestic and import production
  • test stand for check of parameters and operability of the unit

Technical parameters

Options Values
Series DNA
Flow (nomin.), m³/h 315
Head, m 50
Pump power input (nomin.), kW 60
Pump power input (max.), kW 70
Rotation speed, rpm 1450
Rotation speed, c˜¹ 24
Pump inlet pressure, kgf/sm², max 3

Pump type key

For example DNA-P-1D250/125а-GKLV UHL 3.1 TU 4734-306-05747979-2007, where :

  • DNA – diesel pumping unit
  • P – skid-mounted
  • SH – trailer chassis-mounted
  • 1D250/125а – standard size of the complete pump
  • G – version with gas-jet vacuum device
  • К – version with a hood
  • L – version with hand winch and lifting mechanism
  • V – version with suction line
  • UHL – climatic version
  • 3.1 – location category

Absence of any letter in the conventional designation means absence of a corresponding completing element in the delivery complete set. For example, the conventional designation of stationary unit version in a complex with the pump 1D250/125а without gas-jet vacuum device, without a hood, without winch and lifting mechanism, without suction line will be as follows: DNA-1D250/125a UHL 3.1 TU4734-306-05747979-2007

Instruction manual :

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Certificates, permits :

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Order forms :

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