1KML 80-160-a - Centrifugal overhung close-coupled in-line electric pumps 1KML

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Centrifugal cantilevered close-coupled line electric pumps of 1KML type are intended for pumping of service water (except for sea water) in steady-state conditions with рН=6-9,5, containing not more than 0,1% of mechanical impurities by weight with the size of particles not more than 0,2 mm, and also, other liquids similar to water in their density and chemical activity. Temperature of pumped liquid from 263 to 393К (from minus 10 up to 120°С).

The electric pumps are used as rising and circulation pumps in water supply systems of production premises and for heating of production and residential premises.

Electric pumps are related to items of aspect 1 (repairable ones) as per GOST27.003-90.

Electric pumps are not designed for servicing in explosion-and-fire hazard premises.

Electric pump units have been designed with allowance for export delivery in conformity with the requirements of OST 26-06-2011-79, and are fabricated in climatic version U location category 3.1, and climatic version Т location category 2 as per GOST 15150-69.


Electric pump consist of centrifugal overhung close-coupled line pump and flange-mounted electric motor. The casing of the pump is an iron casting, in which the spiral chamber, support point, inlet and outlet nozzles are executed. The casing of the pump is of 'inline' version - the inlet and outlet nozzles are aligned and have identical flanges. Mounting dimensions of the flanges as per GOST 12815-80, version 1.

The casing of the pump is connected to the flange of the electric motor by means of the connecting piece.

Impeller – centrifugal, single-entry, of closed type with space blades is positioned on the shaft of the electric motor and is fixed by the bolt-cone being secured by lock washer against unscrewing. Impeller is relieved from axial forces by radial blades on the supporting disk of the impeller.

The sealing of the shaft - is a stuffing-box seal which is arranged in the connecting piece and fitted on the protective bushing made of stainless steel. It is admitted to use an end-face seal.

Sense of shaft rotation – right-handed (clockwise, if viewed from the drive end) and indicated by arrow arranged on the electric pump case.


  • municipal services - for circulation of water in systems of a heat supply and hot water supply of buildings and constructions.
  • industrial enterprises - providing circulation in a water supply system; for circulation of water in heat supply systems
  • individual houses/cottages  - for circulation of water in heat supply systems

Features /Advantages

  • inline design
  • low vibration and noise level
  • extensive impeller diameter selection including customized, enables optimal pump selection according to operating conditions place
  • stuffing box made of modern thermal expanded graphite material considerably reduces time for maintenance
  • easy maintenance
  • electric motor can be removed without pump disconnection from pipeline

Technical parameters

Options Values
Series 1KML
Flow (nomin.), m³/h 90
Flow (max.), m³/h 120
Head, m 28
Pump power input (max.), kW 14
Rotation speed, rpm 2900
Rotation speed, c˜¹ 48.3
Pump inlet pressure, kgf/sm², max 3.5
Pump efficiency,% 65
Voltage, V 220/380
Frequency, Hz 50
Type of current AC
Admissible positive suction head, m, max 6

Pump type key

For example 1KML 80-160a t-U3.1 TU3631-206-05747979-2002 , where:

  • 1 - modification of the electric pump
  • K - overhung pump
  • M - close-coupled pump
  • L - in-line pump
  • 80 - diameters of the inlet and outlet nozzles, mm
  • 160 - diameter of the impeller, mm
  • а - index number of impeller turning: a, b – reduced diameter of impeller, m, l - increased diameter of impeller
  • t - type of the seal, t – end-face seal, no designation – stuffing box seal
  • U - climatic version
  • 3.1 - location category

Instruction manual :

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Certificates, permits :

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