N1V 14/80-9/100 - Single-screw pumps N1V (for oil products)

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N1V (oil produts)
  • Screw
  • Midstream
  • Downstream and petrochemistry
  • Water supply
  • rock-oil
  • masut
  • oil
  • water + petroleum products
  • multiphase (oil + water + gas)


N1V Progressing cavity pumps and electric pump units on their base are intended for pumping-out of tank oil leakages from drainage reservoirs into the main pipeline. In consultation with the Manufacturing plant it is possible to use electric pumps for pumping-out other liquids.


Electric pump units consists of the progressing cavity pump of vertical version, electric drive (electric motor or motor-reductor) and the access door for mounting on the tank hatch.

As to the principle of operation the progressing cavity pumps are positive displacement machines, in which the liquid medium is moved by way of periodic changing of the liquid chamber volume. The inlet and outlet are intercommunicated.

The progressing cavity pump is divided into flow system and pump power end. The flow system comprises: shell, screw, high-pressure branch and the casing. The pump power end consists of the bracket, drive shaft, tension shaft, eccentric coupling, end-face seal and slit gasket.

The shell consists of a liner and vulcanized profile rubber part.

The casing is a welded construction consisting of pipe and flanges served for connection with the seal body and support device. Also provision is made for the high-pressure branch.

The drive shaft is rotated in two radial and one thrust bearings, the axial gap of which is regulated by cover-tightened bushing.

The bearings are located in the bracket. Arranged on the drive shaft are the end-face seal and slit seal. The eccentric coupling connecting the drive shaft and the screw ensures planetary rotation of the screw.

The sense of screw rotation should by right hand (clockwise), if viewed from the electric drive end.

The sealing of the shaft – end-face seal with additional slit gasket.

The mounting dimensions of the discharge flange DN 50 mm correspond to GOST 12815-80 version 5. Mounting and overall dimensions of the access door of the electric pumps correspond to mounting and overall dimensions of the tank hatch DN800 (dimensions in brackets for the hatch DN700) reservoirs of EP or EPP type. By agreement with the Client the mounting dimensions of the hatch may be changed.

Electric pumps are equipped with safety and nonreturn valves arranged within one casing and fitted on the access door.


  • are applied on oil pipelines to pumping of commercial oil from drainage capacities in the main pipeline
  • at the oil refining enterprises, for pumping of oil products from capacities in the main pipelines
  • in other industries where there is a production/technological infrastructure «CAPACITY + PIPELINE» and pumping of oil products is required

Features /Advantages

  • simple design, does not require frequent and extended service
  •  equalized  liquid flow without pulsation and mixing and able  to save its structure
  • high discharge pressure for leaked liquid injection   into the  trunk pipelines, no additional equipment installation is required
  • UHL1 climatic pump version  enables operation  at up to 60°С ambient temperature, installation of heating  is not required
  • no leaks of pumped  liquid, and  no need in equipment for leak collection

Technical parameters

Options Values
Series N1V (oil produts)
Flow, m³/h, least 9
Rotation speed, rpm 1000
Rotation speed, c˜¹ 16.7
Pump outlet pressure, MPa, max 10
Efficiency,% 55
Voltage, V 380/660
Frequency, Hz 50
Type of current AC

Pump type key

For example N1V 14/80-9/100 UHL 1 TU 3632-154-05747979-2006, where:

  • N1V – progressing cavity pump
  • 14 – capacity of the pump in litres per 100 revolutions
  • 80 –pressure of the pump, kgf/сm2
  • 9 – capacity of the pump when coupled with motor, m3/h
  • 100 – maximum working pressure at the pump outlet,kgf/cm2
  • UHL – climatic version
  • 1 – in-service location category

Instruction manual :

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