N1V 6/5-1/2,5-1 - Single-screw pumps N1V (general industry)

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N1V  (general industry)
  • Screw
  • Nuclear power
  • Chemical processing
  • Metallurgy, mining
  • Firefighting
  • Drainage
  • Waste water
  • Midstream
  • Downstream and petrochemistry
  • Water supply
  • Chemically active
  • Highly viscous
  • Clear water
  • Waste water
  • Waste fecal water
  • rock-oil
  • masut
  • oil
  • diesel fuel
  • water + petroleum products
  • multiphase (oil + water + gas)


Single-screw electric pumps are intended for pumping pure and polluted liquids having temperature up to 353К (80°С), chemically active liquids with cinematic viscosity up to 4600sSt (620°E). Maximum concentration of mechanical admixtures up to 5% by mass and up to 2 mm in size.

Viscosity limits and operating temperature of pumped liquid are to be coordinated with manufacturer at the order.

Electric pump is fabricated in climatic version ОМ, in-service location category 3 as per ГОСТ 15150-69 and is intended for installing on the ships with unlimited region of navigation, in the premises at an ambient temperature of air ranging from minus 30 up to +48°C (from 243 up to 321К).

At the Customer's request the electric pump may be fabricated in climatic version ОМ, location category 5.

Conventional alpha-numeric designation in orders, correspondence and other documentation should correspond to the indexing adopted in the pump building branch.

Pumps included in the units according to reliability parameters are related to the items of aspect 1 (repairable ones) as per GOST 27.003-90. Climatic version UHL, location category 4.2 GOST 15150. At the Customer's request the electric pump may be fabricated in other climatic version and location category.

The safety requirements as per GOST Р 52743 and norms and rules of Rostechnadzor (Technical Supervision of Russia) according to PB 08-624-03, PB 09-540-03, PB 09-563-03.


N1V single-screw pumps and units - horizontal, consisting of the single-screw pump and a drive, mounted on the common frame. Except the electric motor , reducer and (or) a variator for measuring rotating speeds of driving shaft and supply control can be included in a drive. Connection of drive and pump is carried out by a coupling.

As to the principle of operation the single-screw electric pump is a positive displacement machine.

For pumps N1Vг 60/100 and N1N 170/36 - screw is multiple-thread (Z=3) right, for all other pumps - screw is one-thread (Z=1) right.

Pump shell is a steel sleeve with rubber gasket vulcanized to it . For pumps N1V 60/100 and N1V 170/36 the shell is four-thread, for other pumps - two-thread.

The driving shaft is located in pump bracket and rotates in rolling bearings. Screw connects with a driving shaft is through drive shaft either a torsion shaft, or eccentric coupling.

Shaft seal is end face seal or stuffing box. The type of sealing coordinates with the Customer.

The direction of rotation of a driving shaft depending on pump type can be right-handed or left-handed (if view from the shaft end).


  • are applied by the oil and gas extracting companies for extraction of heavy high-viscosity oil with the big content of mechanical impurity from wells of small and average flow rate and high-watered wells thus pumps operates at the lowered rotating speed (100-500 rpm),that can increase their guaranteed resource of an operating time up to 700-800 days
  • are applied by the oil and gas extracting companies as more effective and cheap method of the mechanized oil extraction based on small power and metal consumption, replacing a traditional way of oil lifting by centrifugal and sucker-rod pumps

Features /Advantages

  • simple design
  • equalized liquid flow without pulsation and mixing and able to save its structure
  • handling liquids with different viscosity, density, and solids content
  • filling/draining of reservoirs
  • bidirectional inlet/outlet according to the shaft rotation direction
  • extensive application by capacity: capacity is directly proportional to rotation speed
  • good suction, vacuum gage suction headis up to 6m

Technical parameters

Options Values
Series N1V (general industry)
Flow, m³/h, least 1
Rotation speed, rpm 360
Rotation speed, c˜¹ 6
Pump inlet pressure, kgf/sm², max 0...2.5
Pump outlet pressure, kgf/sm², max 2.5
Efficiency,% 45
Voltage, V 380
Frequency, Hz 50
Type of current AC
Allowable vacuum suction, m -

Pump type key

Example N1Vg 80/5-6,3/5ЕN-SD-Rp-1 UHL 4.2 TU 26-06-1612-90, where:

  • N1V, N1Vg – single-screw pump
  • 80 – pump capacity in litres on 100 rpm
  • 5 – pump pressure, kgf/cm2
  • 6,3 – pump capacity in the unit, m3/h
  • 5 – pump pressure in the unit, kgf/cm2
  • Е – conventional designation of the flow part of the pump: Е – steel 10Х17Н13М3Т, К – steel 12Х18Н9Т, А – structural steel
  • N – conventional designation of shell material: N -rubber IRP 1068;V – rubber- N409; S –rubber 2D-405; А – rubber АN-140; B – rubber 25-52-563
  • SD – type of seal: SD– double stuffing-box seal; S – single с stuffing-box seal ; 5 – single end-face seal; 55 – double end-face seal
  • Rp – designation of controlled supply
  • 1 – drive version : 1 - explosion-proof, without index – standard
  • UHL – climatic version
  • 4.2 –location category at operation

Instruction manual :

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Certificates, permits :

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Order forms :

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