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Manual guided-vane pump of RSH 25-5 type is intended for pumping neutral self-lubricating liquids from standard tanks and other small barrels.

Kinematic viscosity of liquids is from 0,02*10-4 up to 0,75*10-4 m²/s (from 1,1 up to 10°E), with temperature up to 70°С.

The liquids to be pumped: engine oils, varnish, emulsion and so on.

Pump is manufactured in climatic version U1 as per GOST 15150 and is intended for both-way operation: in the enclosed spaces and out-of-doors at a temperature of ambient air from plus 40 up to minus 40°С.


Pump consists of the casing, off-centered rotor with two movable plates (gates), the front and rear covers, lever, sealing rings and the cuff.

The covers are bolted. The rotor plates are pressed to the casing by the spring fitted on the rod. To withdraw and discharge liquids the pump is completed with pipe and special pipe neck, fixed by lock nuts. To attach the pump to the barrel mouth there is a nut with fixing device.

In clockwise rotation of the rotor the plates being sliding along the casing extrude the liquid from the cavity into the pipe neck. At the same time the liquid is sucked through the pipe.

In counterclockwise rotation of the rotor the liquid is moved in the opposite direction.


  • for pumping of oil products from capacities and barrels at the industrial enterprises
  • for packaging of paint and varnish products at the enterprises of retail trade
  • for packaging of paint and varnish products in storage of the industrial enterprises
  • for use in the chemical industry for pumping of small volumes of liquids (oil products, varnishes, paints and etc.)

Features /Advantages

  • compact size, simple design, easy installation and mobility
  • no need of electrical power supply allows to use the pump not only in a personal farming, but also in different industries

Technical parameters

Options Values
Series RSH
Flow, liters, min 0.25
Pump outlet pressure, MPa, max 0.05
Weight, kg 6,2
Suction lift (nomin.), m 0,9
Force at the handle, H, max 30

Pump type key

For example RSH 25-5 86TNP.00.000, where:

  • RSH – manual guided-vane pump
  • 25 – theoretical capacity, l/min
  • 5 – maximum pressure, m
  • 86TNP.00.000 – designation of the design document

Instruction manual :

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Certificates, permits :

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Order forms :

  • "General order form for pumps"
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