HMS Control G - 4 - Control and safety panel HMS Control G

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HMS Control G
  • Pumping EQUIPMENT
  • Metallurgy, mining
  • Food industry
  • Firefighting
  • Water intake
  • Water supply
  • Drainage
  • Waste water
  • Circulation
  • Boiler water
  • Water supply
  • Water supply
  • Circulation
  • Boiler water
  • Condensate removal


Control & Protection Station «HMS Control G» is designed for automatic and manual control of the drain pump of «GNOM» type in response to a signal of fluid level sensor and is suited to the requirements of Technical Specifications: 3432-112-00217975-2011.

Control & Protection Station «HMS Control G» may be operated at a temperature of the environment ranging from plus 1 up to plus 35 degrees Celsius.

Dust and water protection rate IP31 as per GOST 14254-80. Climatic version UXL4 as per GOST 15150-69. The level of protection against electric shock SUiZ is regarded as class1 as per GOST


Standard equipment:

  • Control & Protection station;
  • Service Instruction;
  • level-monitoring float sensor (to be delivered for extra payment).

Control & Protection station HMS Control G is provided with the following modes of operation:

  • automatic operation;
  • manual mode.

Under automatic conditions of operation the control & protection station ensures operation of the pump according to a signal of the level sensor (normally open contact).

During manual operation the start-up of the pump is achieved from the front panel.

The main control and protection functions performed by the station:

  • automatic control over electric motor in response to a signal of the level sensor;
  • automatic de-energization of the electric motor in case of short-circuit fault or thermal overload;
  • displaying of the signal «Operation» on the front panel. Commands available on the front panel of the control cabinet are the following ones:
    • mode selection «Manual/Automatic»;
    • startup/shutdown of the pump (manual duty cycle).

Features /Advantages

  • Possibility to control the drain pump according to a signal of the level sensor.
  • Automatic shutdown in case of short circuit of the electric motor of the machine.
  • Displaying of the signal «Operation» on the front panel.
  • Available Manual and Automatic modes of operation.
  • Low cost-price.
  • Station adjustment does not call for additional equipment and can be easily serviced by low-skilled personnel.
  • Reliable power source supplying and switching equipment of the leading European manufactures.
  • It has been certified for use within the Customs Union.

Technical parameters

Options Values
Series HMS Control G

Pump type key

For example HMS Control G-2,5-IP31-UXL4 , where:

  • HMS Control G – is the name of the station
  • 2,5 – is the maximum permissible rated current of the electric motor to be connected up, А
  • IP31 – degree of protection of the enclosure as per GOST14254-96
  • UXL4 – climatic version and location category (UXL4 – for servicing in heated indoor premises, U2 – for installing under roof).

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