HMS Control ST–120–X-KP - Control and safety panel HMS Control ST

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HMS Control ST
  • Pumping EQUIPMENT
  • Metallurgy, mining
  • Food industry
  • Firefighting
  • Water intake
  • Water supply
  • Drainage
  • Waste water
  • Circulation
  • Boiler water
  • Water injection
  • Water supply
  • Water supply
  • Circulation
  • Boiler water
  • Condensate removal


Control and safety stations HMS Control L3 are intended for control of one or several centrifugal pumping units of type D, K, CNS or their analogs, both domestic, and import production, working in water supply systems, pressure increases, at pumping stations of the second or third lift.

The station provides functioning of pumping installation in the following modes:

  • hand-held (local)
  • automatic according to feedback sensor signal
  • automatic with the specified constant productivity
  • according to distant signal

The control station with the cascade and frequency control can be operated at temperature from 0 up to 40°С.

Protection degree against water and dust IP54 as per GOST 14254-80.

Climatic version U3 as per GOST 15150-69.


The composition of control and safety station HMS Control ST includes:

  • The frequency converter (depends on cabinet type);
  • Programmable logic controler Segnetics;
  • Indicating system and signalling;
  • Magnetic starters with thermal relays;
  • Control elements and protection automatic device;
  • Smooth start-up device (by motor of more than 15 kW);
  • Multifunction three-phase monitoring relay (optionally);
  • GSM modem (optionally);
  • Module of communication "Ethernet" (optionally);
  • Device of impulse overvoltage limiting (optionally).
  • Monitoring device of a power line (optionally).
  • Communication module "Profibus" (optionally);
  • Communication module "Modbus" (optionally);
  • Voltmeter on cabinet input (optionally);
  • Ampermeter on each pump (optionally).


  • driving, control and protection of centrifugal pumps (D, K, CNS and etc.) which are applied in structures of water-supply/water removal - water canals, housing and communal services
  • control and driving of centrifugal pumps (D, K and etc.) working in water supply /water removals systems of the industrial enterprises
  • in agriculture for control and protection of centrifugal pumps (D, K and etc.) involved in watering systems.
  • in systems of pressure increase of living and industrial objects
  • on heat supply objects for driving, control and protection of centrifugal pumps (D, K,CNS and etc.) involved in system of service water supply 

Features /Advantages

Coordinated operation of pumps in the mains.

  • "Manual" and "Automatic" operating modes.
  • Flexible adjusting of operating modes and protection parameters for exact maintenance of technological parameters value.
  • Easy control and adaptation to control system of the Customer.
  • Possibility to protect the pumps against "dry" operation.
  • Possibility to use signals "Failure" for each pump and adjusted exit to remote control unit or ASU TP.
  • Executions of stations with device of smooth start-up, frequency converter and their combinations allow to lower starting currents and not to allow considerable sagging of voltage in the mains.
  • Station executions with motor temperature monitoring (pumping unit) with connection of different thermal sensors.
  • Light signaling system of operating modes.
  • Record of operating time, number of starts of the electric motor of the pump, their alternation at switch-on and mutual reservation.
  • Additional operating modes (start-up delay timers, stop, emergency shutdown and so forth).
  • Automatic switching on reserve input (optionally).
  • Automatic control of electric drives of the gates (optionally).
  • Possibility of control cabinet configuration at Customer request (optionally).
  • Safe power and switching equipment of leading European producers.
  • Wide model range.
  • Certified for use in Russia.

Technical parameters

Options Values
Series HMS Control ST
Voltage, V 380
Frequency, Hz 50
Type of current AC

Pump type key

Example HMS Control ST-10-2-К-АVR-UHL4 , where :

  • HMS Control ST - name of station
  • 10 - admissible rated current of the pump, А
  • 2 - quantity of pumps
  • K - Type of control and start-up method of nonadjustable pumps: To - the cascade control; K - cascade control; KP cascade control with smooth start-up of nonadjustable pumps; KCH - cascade and frequency control; KCHP - cascade and frequency control with the smooth start-up of nonadjustable pumps
  • Additional functions and options,if any : AVR - double input of supply with automatic switching on reserve input; T - connection of thermocontacts of the motor; M - protection against impulse overvoltage; V- voltmeter on cabinet input; A- ampermeter for each pump; C-connection to a network according to the Modbus protocol; 1Э, 2Э - control of gates electric drive, digit specifies quantity of gates or valves; P-user setup of a digital input or output
  • UHL4 - climatic version and location category

Instruction manual :

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Certificates, permits :

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Order forms :

  • "Order forms for HMS ST panels "
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