1KsV 315-160-1 - Centrifugal condensate pumps 1KsV

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Condensate electric pump units 1KsV series are designed for pumping condensate or fresh water having a temperature of up to 433 К (+160°С) and рН 6,8…9,2, with concentration of solid inclusions not more than 5mg/l, provided their maximum size of up to 0,1 mm and microhardness not exceeding 6,5 GPа.

The units are used in the steam-and-water supply lines of the electric power stations running on organic fuel.

The units are related to the items of aspect 2, repairable ones as per GOST 27.003-90.

General safety requirements of pumps and units correspond to GOST R 52743-2007.

The units are manufactured in climatic version UHL for servicing in the premises having a location category 4 according to GOST 15150-69.

The units may be operated in the regions with seismicity number of up to 8 points as per MSK-84.The units 1KsV series are not intended for mounting in explosion-and-fire hazard productions.


The unit consists of the pump (being composed of slow-speed part and fast-speed part ) and of the electric motor, which are connected by means of coupling with rubber-bushed studs.

The fast-speed part of the pump has one or two impellers, fitted onto the high-speed shaft, which is supported by rolling-contact bearing and by the plain bearing as well. The shaft is equipped with double end-face seal and coupling with rubber-bushed studs.

The booster wheel of slow-speed part receives rotation from the turbine wheel , arranged in the flow of the liquid being handled just behind the impeller of the fast-speed part. The booster stage rotates in its own sliding supports being combined with the hydrostatic pivot.

The supporting attachment block for fixing to the foundation is made integral with the pump case.

Mounting dimensions of the flanges suction and delivery branch pipes as per GOST 12815-80, version 1. Connection-edge joints are made acc. to GOST 5890-78. Provision is made for the possible turn of the suction branch pipe relatively to the vertical axis of the unit

The double end-face seal is used in the capacity of the shaft seal. The sense of rotation of the shaft of the unit is left-handed (counter-clockwise), as viewed from the electric motor end.


  • pumping of condensate and hot water in vapour-water systems of power stations
  • pumping of condensate at enterprises of power system

Features /Advantages

  • low NPSHa in a wide capacity range
  • suction nozzle can be turned relative to vertical axis which makes easier the placement of the pump unit

Technical parameters

Options Values
Series 1KsV
Flow (nomin.), m³/h 315
Head, m 160
Rotation speed, rpm 3000
Rotation speed, c˜¹ 50
Pump inlet pressure, kgf/sm², max 7
Pump efficiency,% 71
Voltage, V 6000
Frequency, Hz 50
Type of current AC
Admissible positive suction head, m, max 1.4

Pump type key

Example: 1KsV125-71-1 UHL 4 TU3631-126-05747979-98 , where :

  • 1 – modernization serial number
  • КsV – condensate, vertical unit
  • 125 – capacity, m3/h
  • 71 – head, m
  • 1 – design code
  • UHL 4 – climatic version and location category

Instruction manual :

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Certificates, permits :

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