CMF 50-25 - Centrifugal close-coupled electric pumps CMF

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Centrifugal monoblock electric pump units CMF series are intended for pumping industrial and municipal wastes, sanitary sewages and other non-aggressive liquids. The main characteristics of pumping liquids: temperature - up to 308К (35°С), the content of mechanical admixtures - up to 10% by volume ( size up to 12mm), the content of abrasive particles - up to 1% by volume (size up to 8mm), density - up to 1250 кg/m³, рН - 8...12.


The electric pump consists of a centrifugal pump part and the hermetic electric motor with a cable, joined by monoblock.

The pump part consists of impeller, pump case , flange for CMF 50-25 or tapered branch pipe for CMF 160-80, filter for CMF 50-25 or supports for CMF 160-80.

The impeller of closed type, the 4th channel is made of cast iron SCH 20, key installed on shaft and fixed by fairing. The radial blades located on the main disk serve for decrease of axial force and prevent the penetration of solid mechanical impurity to shaft seal.

The pump case is made from gray cast iron SCH 20. For ensuring maintainability in a place of contact to rotating impeller the sealing ring made of steel 95Х18 is installed on transition fit.

The case design of electric pump CMF 50-25 allows at the choice of the consumer two types of connections of electric pump with drainage system. At stationary use of the electric pump the joining occurs via the rigid pipeline in holes in a delivery branch pipe of pump case. At frequent reinstallation the flexible quick-detachable connection with use of a fire hose, sleeve head GM-70 GOST 28352-89 and flange included into a delivery set of electric pump is applied. The flange is made of cast iron SCH 20, is installed through paronit gasket and is executed with turn on 90° that allows to reduce dimensions of the electric pump and the area necessary for its installation.

The electric pump CMF160-80 joins only via the rigid pipeline in holes in transitional branch pipe.

Filter for CMF50-25 or a support for CMF160-80 fastens to the pump case, serving for protection against large subjects and carrying out a role of support for the electric pump.

Assembly of a pump part is made with minimum use of fasteners that provides easy access to impeller at service.

The electric motor is made hermetic, and its cooling at operation occurs by heat exchange via case in environment.

Shaft seal - double end-face (end-face seals of «John Crane» firm) also is executed in the form of seal cartridge.


  • municipal services - for pumping of drain waters from sewer wells, cellars, collections, etc.
  • for work in specially adapted sewer wells included in systems of the sewerage
  • pumping of ground and drain waters in systems of a drainage and lavatories of undergrounds
  • for an irrigation of crops from reservoirs with polluted (a large number of suspended particles) water
  • at operation of hydroconstructions
  • pumping of ground waters in industry and town building

Features /Advantages

  • built-in water level control sensor for early detection of water absence in pump cavity

Technical parameters

Options Values
Series CMF
Flow (nomin.), m³/h 50
Head, m 25
Electric pump power, kW 8.6
Rotation speed, rpm 2900
Rotation speed, c˜¹ 48.3
Pump efficiency,% 70
Electric pump efficiency,% 54
Current, A 14.6
Voltage, V 380
Frequency, Hz 50
Type of current AC
Weight, kg 90

Pump type key

Example CMF 160-80а-К ТU 3631-246-05747979-2004, where:

  • CMF -centrifugal monoblock sanitary pump
  • 160 – capacity, m3/h
  • 80 – head, m
  • а – impeller turning index
  • К –electric pump in stainless version

Instruction manual :

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