CNA 25-25 - Centrifugal pumps CNA

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Pump units CNA designed for pumping desalinated water in the cooling system of diesel generator diesel power station.


Electric pumping unit consists of mounted on a common foundation frame of pump and motor, connected by flexible coupling.

The pump consists of a body, guide apparatus, the impeller mounted on a shaft support bracket, body cap, seal casing, shaft seal assembly.

Pump casing is made welded ring. The fluid enters along the axis of the pump impeller, then through the guide apparatus into the pump casing and the discharge nozzle, positioned perpendicular to the axis of the pump and directed vertically upwards into the penstock.

The pump rotor rotates in two ball bearings.Rotation direction - clockwise when viewed from the motor side.

The shaft seal is a single or double face seal.


  • atomic power stations -for pumping of various liquids in technological systems of I and II circuits of atomic power stations

Features /Advantages

  • improved hydraulics
  • easily replaceable cartridge mechanical seals (double or single)
  • strengthened bearing housings
  • operation in nuclear power plants
  • seismic design

    Technical parameters

    Options Values
    Series CNA
    Flow (nomin.), m³/h 25
    Head, m 25

    Pump type key

    For example CNA 6,3/25-К-251.1-UHL4 , where :

    • CNA - centrifugal pump for nuclear power engineering
    • 6,3 - capacity, m3/hour
    • 25 - head, m
    • К - material of flow passage details: К – stainless steel
    • 251.1 - type of shaft sealing –single end-face
    • U3.1 - climatic version and location category as per GOST15150-69

    Instruction manual :

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    Certificates, permits :

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    Order forms :

    • "General order form for pumps"
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