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CNSp 2,5-160 - Centrifugal sectional boiler feed pumps CNSp

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  • Water supply
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  • Condensate removal
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Centrifugal, stage chamber, boiler feed pumps CNSp 2,5 and electric pump units on their base are intended for handling water and other non-aggressive and incombustible liquids with рН = 7...9,2, at a temperature not more than 393К (120°С), with mechanical impurities not exceeding 0,1% by mass, and solid particles not exceeding 0,1mm in size.

CNSp 2,5 pumps are used to supply water for the steam boilers of low and mean boiler capacity, and are also applied at the pressure boosting installations, at the commercial plants, for the public building and housing construction work, as well as for the provision of the flow circulation with hot and cold water.

CNSp pumps (units) are intended for operation both indoors and outdoors under the shed at a temperature of ambient air ranging from 273 up to 323К (from 0 up to +500С).

CNSp pumps are related to the items of aspect 2 (repairable ones) as per GOST 27.003-90 and are manufactured in climatic version UHL location category 4 and in climatic version Т, location category 2 as per GOST 15150-69.

Pumps (units) are not intended for operation in explosion-and-fire dangerous premises.


Unit consists of the pump and driving motor, connected with elastic coupling.

CNSp 2,5 pump – is the centrifugal, stage chamber, boiler feed pump with one-sided arrangement of impellers.

The principle of operation of the pump consists in transforming mechanical energy of the drive into hydraulic power of the liquid.

Unit consists of the pump and driving motor, connected with elastic coupling.

The pump consists of the suction and delivery bodies and operating elements ( impellers and guide apparatus) which are fit between them in the case.

Discharge nozzle is arranged horizontally, suction nozzle-vertically. Flange mounting dimensions of discharge and suction nozzles are made as per GOST 12815-80, version 4. Pump connects with motor on the frame by elastic coupling .

The sense of rotation of the rotor - left-handed (clockwise, as viewed from the motor end) and it is indicated by the arrow arranged on the bracket.

Stuffing-box seal of the shaft.


  • industrial water- and heat supply
  • municipal water- and heat supply
  • thermal power : boiler feed pumps
  • CHP: condensate removal pumps

Features /Advantages

  • stuffing box made of modern thermal expanded graphite material considerably reduces time for maintenance

Technical parameters

Options Values
Series CNSp
Flow (nomin.), m³/h 2.5
Head, m 160
Pump power input (max.), kW 2.9
Rotation speed, rpm 2950
Rotation speed, c˜¹ 49.2
Pump inlet pressure, kgf/sm², max 4
Pump efficiency,% 43
Voltage, V 380
Frequency, Hz 50
Type of current AC
Number of stages 36
Admissible positive suction head, m, max 3

Pump type key

Example: CNSp 2,5-120 UHL 4 TU 3631-176-05747979-2001 , where :

  • CN – centrifugal, stage chamber, boiler feed pump;
  • 2,5 – capacity, m3h;
  • 120 –head, m;
  • UHL - climatic version;

Instruction manual :

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Certificates, permits :

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