EVNOP 5-20-1200 - Submersible screw single-threaded pumps EVNOP

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Submersible single-entry screw pumps of EVNOP type are intended for withdrawal of stratal liquid in a complex with downhole equipment.

The pumps are related to the items of specific purpose (IKN), aspect 1 (repairable ones) GOST 27.003-90 and are designed for servicing in ,macroclimate regions with temperate and cold climate at a temperature of ambient air from plus 45 up to minus 40°С, climatic version V, location category 5 as per GOST 15150-69.

Pumps are used in view of following parameters of the pumped liquid and conditions:

  • stratal liquid – mixture of oil, associated water and oil-well gas
  • maximum kinematic viscosity not more than - 1∙10-3 m²/s (dynamic viscosity not more than 1000 сP
  • content of water in the liquid not more than 99%
  • content of free gas in the liquid at the pump intake, not more than 50% by volume
  • content of mechanical impurities in the liquid with a size of particles up to 0,2 mm and microhardness less than 55 НRС, not more than 0,8 gr/l
  • temperature of liquid at the borehole bottom , for the pumps with a shell of rubber 2D 405 not more than 70°С (343 К) and not more than 110°С (383 К) for the pumps with shell of rubber N-409;
  • internal diameter of the casing string not less than 121,7 mm;
  • maximum rate of hole deviation change not more than 2,5° for 10 m deepening.


The submersible single-entry screw pumps of EVNOP type are positive displacement pumps.

The pumps are divided in two parts: flow system and pump power end.

The flow system comprises: branch pipe, shell, screw and casing.

The pump power end: eccentric coupling, axial support, coupling.

The shell is a steel cylinder with vulcanized double-start (Z=2) screw profiled oil & gasoline-proof lining.

The screw is a metal rod with right-handed single-thread (Z=1) screw profile, which moves (pushes) liquid through the shell from the inlet to the outlet.

In the middle part of the casing there are holes through which the liquid comes into the pump.

The principle of operation consists in liquid travel inside the pump from the inlet to the outlet by way of periodic volumetric change of the chambers alternately communicated one with other.

The design provides for starting clutch installation (if any) to be mounted by the Client between protector (hydraulic protection) and motor, for extra pay.


  • are applied by the oil and gas extracting companies for extraction of heavy high-viscosity oil with the big content of mechanical impurity from wells of small and average flow rate and high-watered wells thus in comparison with pumps of EVN series , EVNOP pumps operates at the lowered rotating speed (100-500 rpm),that can increase their guaranteed resource 700-800 days
  • are applied by the oil and gas extracting companies as more effective and cheap method of the mechanized oil extraction based on small power and metal consumption, replacing a traditional way of oil lifting by centrifugal and sucker-rod pumps

Features /Advantages

  • safety coupling to stop rotation in the wrong direction
  • centerline support for axial load compensation - extensive application by capacity
  • capacity is directly proportional to rotation speed
  • operation with produced water with a high gas ratio
  • gas separators are not required- handling liquids with big viscosity

Technical parameters

Options Values
Series EVNOP
Flow, m³/h, least 20
Head, m 1200
Pump power input (nomin.), kW 5.4
Rotation speed, rpm 750
Rotation speed, c˜¹ 12.5
Rotation speed (rang), rpm 750...1380
Pump outlet pressure (rang), MPa, max 4...12
Efficiency,% 50.5

Pump type key


For example EVNOP5-30.12 V5 TU 3665-244-00217975-2010, where :

  • E – to be driven from the submersible electric drive
  • V – screw type
  • N – pump
  • О – single-entry
  • P – submersible
  • 5 – group of the pump intended for the casing having a diameter of 146 mm with a minimum internal diameter of 121,7 mm
  • 30 – capacity, m3/day
  • 1200 – head at the pump outlet, m
  • V5 – climatic version and location category as per GOST ГОСТ 15150-69

Instruction manual :

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Certificates, permits :

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Order forms :

  • "Order forms for submersible pumps (EVN, VNO progressing cavity pumps for oil)"
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