ECV 10-65-100 - Centrifugal submersible borehole pumps ECV

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Electric pump unit of ECV type – is the centrifugal borehole submersible machine intended for lifting water from wells, having the total mineral content (dry residue) not more than 1500 mg/l with the hydrogen index (рН) from 6,5 to 9,5, temperature up to 298 К (25 °С), weight ratio of solid mechanical impurities not more than 0,01 %, with chloride content not more than 350 mg/l, sulfates – not more than 500 mg/l, hydrogen sulfide – not more than 1,5 mg/l.

The said pump unit may be used for industrial and agricultural water supply, irrigation and ground-water level lowering.

Pump unit is related to the items of general industrial purpose, aspect 1, repairable ones as per GOST 27.003.

Climatic version: U* GOST 15150.

Pump unit is not intended for servicing in explosion-and-fire hazardous premises.

Pump unit may be completed with electric motors of DAP or PEDV series. When the unit comes complete with PEDV series electric motor it has the following conventional designation - 2ECV.


The unit consists of a centrifugal pump and an electric motor.

The pump is executed as a multistage pump. The stages are interconnected by ties of steel tape or by studs. The shaft together with the impellers and bushings make up the rotor, which is supported in rubber-metal bearings.

Electric motor - is the three-phase asynchronous motor with short-circuited rotor, submersible, with synchronous speed of 50 s-1 (3000 rpm). The electric motor is cooled with pumped water. The sense of rotor rotation: right-handed (clockwise rotation), if viewed from the pump end.

The unit may be vertically or horizontally positioned (under the agreement with Manufacturing plant). When the unit is vertically installed the loads from the pipeline to discharge nozzle are absent.

Horizontal assembly involves special supports for the unit under minimum water level (min 0,5 m). It is recommended to fit the cooling housing onto the pump as an addition. Eliminate loads from the pipeline onto the discharge nozzle. (For example, fix the pipeline on the adequate supports just near the unit).


  • water-supply in complexes of water canals and housing and communal services
  • water-supply of private farms using the artesian wells water
  • in systems of irrigation of agricultural grounds where there are no land-based sources of water
  • at industrial enterprises for providing with drinking and service water
  • on heat supply facilities for providing with drinking and service water from the artesian wells
  • emergency pumping of water and liquids similar to water on viscosity from the flooded mines

Features /Advantages

For ECV:
  • consist of the asynchronous electric motor, PEDV series, with the improved cooling and multistage centrifugal pump, connected by rigid coupling
  • rubber-metal bearings provide handling water with the small content of solids (up to 0,01 % by mass)
For 2ECV:
  • consist of submersible electric motors, DAP series and submersible centrifugal multistage pumps
  • internal cavity of the electric motor is isolated from pumped water, possibility of sand ingress in bearings is excluded. Electric motor is sealed, their internal cavity is isolated from pumped liquids and therefore there is no sand ingress in bearings
  • bearings are made of modern polymeric materials and isolated internal cavity filled with water glyceric solution enable to increase operational life up to 25000 hours and provide warranty for 2years
  • developed design of DAP electric motors has allowed to provide high efficiency in each case of their application

Technical parameters

Options Values
Series ECV, 2ECV
Flow (nomin.), m³/h 65
Head, m 100
Pump efficiency,% 62
Current, A 66
Voltage, V 380
Frequency, Hz 50
Type of current AC

Pump type key

For example 2ECV 8-25-100 TU 26-06-1659-92, where:

  • ECV – pump unit furnished with PEDV series electric motor;
  • 2ECV – pump unit furnished with DAP series electric motor;
  • 8 – inner diameter of well casing, mm, reduced by 25 times;
  • 25 – nominal capacity, m3/h;
  • 100 – nominal head, m.

Instruction manual :

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