2ECPK 16-3000-250 - Centrifugal submersible pumps ECPK

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Centrifugal submersible pumps of ECPK type and electric pump units on their base are intended to complete the pumping units UECPK 16-3000 and UECPK 16-2000 used in oil-producing industry to maintain the strata pressure. They can be used with other purposes to delivering water and other liquids similar to water.

The pumps being a part of the pumping units are related to the items of aspect I (repairable ones) as per ГОСТ 27.003-90 and fabricated in climatic version U* GOST 15150-69 (for water applications).

The unit is not intended for servicing in explosion and-fire hazard productions. Performance parameters according to the fluids being pumped are given in table:

Name of fluid Fluid parameters Rate
Cenomanian water
Mechanical admixtures, g/l, maximum 0,1
Hydrogen value ( рН ) 5,4…9,0
Total dissolved salts, g/l, maximum 250
Density, kg/m3, maximum 1200
Temperature, К (оС), maximum:
for oil-filled motors
for water-filled motors
333 (60)
313 (40)

Hydrostatic head at the pump inlet is not less than 6 m.


The unit of ECPK type is a part of pumping unit consisting of downhole equipment and ground facilities.

Downhole equipment comprises the unit of ECPK type (pump,hydraulic protection, motor (oil-filled) or the pump and motor (water-filled) connected to ground facilities by the means of tubing string.

Ground facilities include: power cable, tubing head,  transformer, complete device and check-and-measuring instruments (pressure gauges and so on.).

The pump of ECPK type – is the centrifugal, submersible, multistage machine consisting of sections or stage package. The pump in the form of one or a few section elements  is a stage package encased within the steel tube. Also the pump can be presented in the form of stage package cluster, connected by tie studs. Every stage comprises the shell with guide vanes relieved of axial forces of the impeller and two seal rings of floating type.

The shaft with impellers and bushings make up the pump rotor which revolves in the rubber-metal bearings receiving the radial load. The residual axial load appearing due to the weight of liquid column within the oil well tubing is taken up by the axial bearing (axial support). The cooling and the lubrication of the said supports is carried out by the liquid being pumped.
Attachment of the pump to the driving part is effected by way of flanged joint. The torque from the shaft of the driving part  to the pump shaft is transmitted by spline type coupling. The sense of rotor rotation – is the right-handed (clockwise, if viewed from the delivery side).

Electric motor – the oil-filled or water-filled motor (in accordance with the design of the pump), three-phase, induction squirrel-cage, submersible motor, with a synchronous frequency of rotation of the shaft of 50 s-1 (3000 rpm). The cooling of the electric motor is effected by stratum fluids. Additionally it is recommended to install the housing  onto the motor which ensures the necessary flow rate of stratum fluids  just along the motor.


  • by oil and gas producers so as to extract the produced water from the water-supply wells for the purpose of  its delivering to the cluster pump stations;
  • by oil and gas producers so as to maintain strata pressure;
  • in water industry and utilities system  so as to withdraw and deliver water.

Features /Advantages

For 1ECPK pump:

  • the block of axial bearing (axial support) is located in the top portion of the pump;
  • for a range of standard sizes it is possible to complete the pump with different motors  (of oil-filled or water-filled type ).

For 2ECPK type:

  • fabrication of pump components out of corrosion-resistant steels (20Х13, 12Х18Н9Т and so on) allows to increase service life in the course of operation with aggressive mediums, for example,  during pumping of Cenomanian water;
  • block of axial bearing is positioned in the top portion of the pump (suction head);
  • the block of axial bearing assembly was modified: thus it allows to increase the life cycle of the pump.

Technical parameters

Options Values
Series ECPK
Flow (nomin.), m³/h 125
Head, m 250
Back pressure, m 6
Pump power input (max.), kW 122
Rotation speed, rpm 2850
Rotation speed, c˜¹ 47.5
Pump efficiency,% 70
Frequency, Hz 50
Type of current AC
Number of stages 5

Pump type key

For example 1ECPK 16-3000-200 U* TU 3631-116-05747979-97, where :

  • 1- serial number of pump modification;
  • ECPK- pump denomination;
  • 16 – well diameter, in inches;
  • 3000 – capacity, m3/day;
  • 200 – head, m;
  • U* - climatic version;

Instruction manual :

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