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  • 1947
    Livensky plant of small hydroturbine manufacturing had been launched. First workshops such as: pumps, mechanical-repair and wood-working were built. Konstantin Shugrin was the first Managing director of the plant.
  • 1948
    The first set of 4К-6 pumps was assembled; the first hydro turbine was shipped.
  • 1949
    Workshops such as : machine-assembling shop, tool shop, foundry shop were built. The first cast iron was welded. The complete closed manufacturing cycle of was established. The first 6 pumps for export were assembled. Number of employees exceed more than 200 persons.
  • 1950
    Pump manufacturing site construction that later on became a separate Pump building plant. Manufacturing of gear, peripheral, vacuum pumps had been launched. More than 2000 centrifugal and rotary vane-type pumps, 163 hydro turbines were manufactured.
  • 1952
    Evening engineering College was founded to train specialists for the plant.
  • 1957
    Second foundry construction of 10 thousand tons of castings capacity a year.
  • 1959
    Pump engineering bureau was established.
  • 1963
    4 plants such as: («Livhydromash», «Pump building plant», «Plant of fire-fighting equipment manufacturing» and «Oil pumps building plant»,)had been merged into Livhydromash, one pumps manufacturing company. V.M.Lihman became the Managing Director. Further social development resulted in amenities constructions: housing for personnel, kindergarten, nurseries, SPA, canteen, leisure clubs, etc. Product range of manufactured pumps has already reached more than 100 types.
  • 1964
    Plant of fire-fighting equipment manufacturing and Oil pump building plant had left Livhydromash. Quality of pumps had improved and the plant commenced the transition to- zero-defects method of products manufacturing. The first issue of ‘’Livensky’’ worker came out.
  • 1965
    Livny branch of National R &D Institute of hydraulic engineering was established to develop and realize manufacturing of all types of positive-displacement pump.
  • 1966
    Livensky pump building plant and plant "Livhydromash" again have merged in one pumps manufacturing company – Livhydromash, Livensky plant of hydraulic engineering".
  • 1968
    1000000th pump (8NDV) was manufactured which have been supplied in Mamayev Memorial, Volgograd- city.
  • 1969
    3V4/25 first three-screw pump had been awarded with State Quality mark in the Orel area ,first time ever in Orel Region.
  • 1972
    Sites of "Livhydromash" included 90000 m2 of industrial spaces, 18 workshops, 5 sections, 30 departments .Nomenclature of produced equipment included about 2000 products. Over 115 000 pumps of various types were shipped to consumers annually.
  • 1976
    2000000th pump (D320-50) was manufactured and shipped to Kamsky automobile plant.
  • 1976
    Livny branch of National R &D Institute of hydraulic engineering joined Industrial association "Livhydromash”.
  • 1983
    3000000th pump (D-500-65) was manufactured and shipped to builders of Urengoj-Pomary-Uzhgorod gas pipeline.
  • 1991
    R & D Center was established on the basis of Livny branch of National R &D Institute of hydraulic engineering and a part of plant departments was founded and has successfully been operating till present.
  • 1992
    The Plant is reorganized into joint-stock company "Livhydromash.
  • 1998
    Nikolay Jamburenko became the Managing Director.
  • 2001
    The Company has implemented the certified quality management system that complies with requirements of international standards of ISO series 9000, and eventually ISO 9001:2000.
  • 2005
    JSC"Livhydromash" became a part of« Hydraulic machines and systems», investment -industrial group (since 2008 JSC “HMS Group”). A.F Dvorjadkin was appointed as a new Managing Director.
  • 2006
    Servicing has been introduced along with the rapid expansion of regional service center network of “HMS Pumps”.
  • 2010
    JSC "Livhydromash" has been renamed into JSC "HMS Pumps as part of HMS Group.
  • 2014
    07.07.2014 JSC "HMS Pumps" has been renamed into JSC "HMS Livgidromash"
  • 2017
    HMS Pumps celebrated the 70th anniversary year.