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New products

Kordis pumps: cantilevered and close-coupled cantilevered

1. Flanges can be fabricated in compliance with the standards GOST, ISO, DIN, ASME;

The construction design of the branch pipes and flanges is rated at working pressure of up to 25 kgf /сm2 for the pumps of cantilevered and close-coupled modification, and up to 16 kgf /сm2 for the pumps of cantilevered, close-coupled modification of in-line arrangement of branch pipes.

2. Significant range of available standard sizes of the pump and technical feasibility of impeller cutting allow us to select the pump in a strict correspondence with technical requirements of the hydraulic system of the Customer.

3. Dynamically balanced impeller of closed type ensure low values of vibroactivity of the pump rotor: thus reducing service costs and saving the energy.

4. The replaceable rings of groove seals made out of up-to-date wear-resistant materials with special anti-scratch coating make it possible to diminish dynamic loads onto the rotor and pump supports and to prolong the service lifetime of the bearings and seals (Fig. 1).

5. The seal chamber allows to accommodate not only gland seals but also single end-face seals including those ones of the cartridge type (Fig. 2).

6. Impeller has been relieved against axial forces with the help of special relief holes on the rear disk of the impeller in order to decrease the load applied onto the bearings and to extend their service life (Fig. 3).

7. Energy-effective hydraulics of the flow passage has been optimized thanks to modern computer-aided design methods: thus ensuring high level of efficiency.

8. The construction design of the pump which provides for the removable rotor portion and detachable bracket of the bearing unit, make it possible to perform technical maintenance without dismantling the pump casing and inlet pipelines.

9. The shaft of rigid construction with enhanced bending strength ensure minimum values of vibration and run-out for the purpose of extending the life of the seal and bearings (Fig. 4).

10. Standard or reinforced (with service life of 100 000 hours minimum) bearings with lubrication in oil vat, including the cooling system (as an option).

The high level of unification of the main subunits of the pumps of various standard sizes and modifications significantly simplifies their technical maintenance. 

The wide range of material versions allows application of the pumps for different media, including aggressive ones.

Cantilevered СD pumps for drainage and sewerage system
  • The submersible sewage pumps may be located close-in the reservoirs with liquid to be pumped (at “wet” installation) or in the machine room of the pumping station (in case of “dry” installation). In the last case while some flooding occurs in the machine room the pump may be used as emergency drainage machine and be operated under flooding conditions.
  • The construction design uses end-face seals of global Manufacturers.
  • The cooling of the motor in submersible condition is carried out by pumped medium, but in case of “dry” installation – with liquid being circulated in cooling housing, thus ensuring more effective cooling of the motor in comparison with the cooling air fan.
  • The pumps are completed with devices for rapid lifting and lowering trip into the reservoirs without using additional accessories.
  • The possibility to install different models of the impellers makes it possible to apply pumps for handling liquids with high content of solid mechanical admixtures and long-fiber inclusions.  
Cantilevered SD pumps for drainage and sewerage system
  • SD pumps are designed for pumping urban and industrial sewage waters and other non-aggressive liquids ( including liquids with petroleum products admixture not exceeding 2%), at a density of up to 1050 kg/m3 with рН=6 - 8,5, at a temperature of up to 353К (80°С) and with a content of abrasive particles having a dimension of up to 5 mm, and not over 1% by mass. The maximum concentration of the pumped mass is 2%. The maximum content of the gas in the handled medium is 5%.

  • the casing of the pumps are provided with their own support foots: thus allowing to dismantle the pump without disconnecting the pipelines

  • it is fully interchangeable with the pumps of CD pumps manufactured by other Producers

  • the availability of various versions of the impeller diameters, inclusive those ones  requested by the Customer makes it possible to select the pump parameters in dependence on characteristics demanded in-situ (namely: at the place of operation)

Sanitary pumps Gnom F & Gnom FR (furnished with cutting mechanism)
  • temperature of pumped liquid of up to 35 °С
  • the materials of the pumps are resistant to aggressive washing agents (detergents) available in the waste stream
  • are capable of pumping wastes with solid (up to 50 mm in the diameter) and fibrous inclusions
  • removal of waste streamflows for a significant distances thanks to high pressure head and relatively small diameter of the branch pipe (DN25)
SNP Mobile Water-Pumping Station
  • on the basis of new axial horizontal pump OG and diesel-engine drive
  • hight of lift up to 11, metres and capacity up to 2500 m3/hour
  • multifunctional application – for irrigation, watering, fire-extinguishing and so on.
  • with automatic controls/safety protection, easy adjustment of heads/capacities
  • mobility– versions on the frame, skids, wheeled chassis
Food Quality SH Gear Pumps
For pumping vegetable oils, fat and its substitutes, fat-mixed oils, melted mixtures, mayonnaise and so on.
 Boosta Multistage Pumps for Building up the Pressure
  • for water supply, pressure boost, handling of cold and hot water at a temperature of up to +120°С. The casing of the pump and impellers are made of stainless steel.
  • the branch pipes are arranged «in-line», the vertical and horizontal installations are both allowed
  • capacity of up to 160 m³/h., head – up to 250 m
Delium Double-Entry Pumps
  • the branch pipes are arranged «in-line», the flanges are executed according to DIN/ANSI/IS, high level of unification of the main subassemblies (i.e. parts commonality)
  • high efficiency, energy effectiveness
  • wide range of mediums being pumped
  • not only horizontal installation, but also the vertical one
  • the shaft is isolated and additionally relieved
  • additionally: hydrophobic coat, replaceable rings of the impeller, vibration and temperature sensors, reinforced bearings, hydrocyclone and so on.
Horizontal Double-Entry 1D 720-90 Pumps
  • capacity Qnom=720 m3/hour at the head Нnom=90m
  • advance energy effectiveness
  • according to technical characteristics and overall & mounting dimensions – it is intended to be a substitute for 1D 200-90 pumps
Centrifugal Cantilevered Chemical X Pumps
  • flow passage is made of stainless steel and different versions of the shaft sealing makes it possible to pump a wide range of liquids, including chemically active ones.
  • operation under temperature conditions ranging from -40°С up to +105°С.
  • availability of legs on the pump casing allows to perform repairs on the worksite without dismantling the pipelines