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Service & support

HMS Livgidromash satisfies increasing customer demand for comprehensive services and offers professional technical services:

  • Operational diagnosis and inspection for likely defects of pumping equipment

  • Technical maintenance of pumps

    Amount of repair that can be performed and frequency of maintenance inspections (daily, monthly, half-yearly and so on) are determined for every type pf pumps and are detailed in the accompanying documents to the pumps. (Operation Manual).

    Qualified specialists of our service centres are prepared to provide different types of maintenance services: thus ensuring high operability of pumping equipment within the operation lifetime.

  • Original spare parts are strongly recommended

    The quality of spare parts and correct operation of pumping equipment – is one of the major conditions of long-term service life. Our practical work shows that high quality repair of the pump is possible by using original spares only.

    Original spare parts for your HMS Livgidromash product will support the best possible pump:

    • Reliability. In production of spare parts we are guided by modern production tecnologies, recent developments and many years' experience.
    • High quality. Spare parts over a process of manufacture are subjected to tight quality control in respect to materials and accessories used.
    • Capital saving. As practice shows the non-original parts go down more often than the original ones. But the cost of original spares is almost equal to the market price of non-original spare parts.

    If you want to buy spare parts addresss your order to Hydromashservice Trading Company, to official dealers or service centers of HMS Livgidromash.