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We provide warrantee on  all our products. In case of equipment fault or defects caused by manufacturer we repair it free of charge.

Warranty for the most industrial pumps is 12  months from the commissioning date , no more than 18  months from the shipment date.  Warranty  for the  most household pumps is 12 months  from the day of sale by retailer provided that the storage & service conditions are followed in compliance with service documentation. If the coupon for technical and warranty service is not stamped with the date of sale by retailer, warranty starts from  release date.

Warranty may be  extended  on the basis of additional terms agreed by both parties.

After all repair additional warranty is given. Min warranty on repair is 6 months. In case of warranty repair warranty is extended by the time spent on repair.

Warranty repair period

In conformity with Russian Legislation we set the Warranty repair period for industrial pumps 30 days and for household pumps – 20 days since the establishment of manufacturer’s fault.

Breach of warranty

Warranty does not apply if :

  • breach of warranty fillings;
  • violation of terms of transportation and storage;
  • improper installation of the pump;
  • inappropriate operation of the pump;
  • visible mechanical damage
  • unauthorized opening or repair by unauthorized person
  • changes in design features or absence of separate parts and components

Post warranty service

We provide service maintenance throughout the whole life cycle. Therefore after warranty expiration HMS Livgidromash and our service centers are always ready to provide you with a full range of service.

Post warranty service includes all range of activities of warranty service carried out at the customer expense. Min warranty after post-warranty service is 6 months. Service centers offer both on-time or regular maintenance on the ongoing basis.

Customers can also buy spare parts to carry out maintenance by their own capacities.