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New products

Sanitary pumps Gnom F & Gnom FR (furnished with cutting mechanism)
  • temperature of pumped liquid of up to 35 °С
  • the materials of the pumps are resistant to aggressive washing agents (detergents) available in the waste stream
  • are capable of pumping wastes with solid (up to 50 mm in the diameter) and fibrous inclusions
  • removal of waste streamflows for a significant distances thanks to high pressure head and relatively small diameter of the branch pipe (DN25)
SNP Mobile Water-Pumping Station
  • on the basis of new axial horizontal pump OG and diesel-engine drive
  • hight of lift up to 11, metres and capacity up to 2500 m3/hour
  • multifunctional application – for irrigation, watering, fire-extinguishing and so on.
  • with automatic controls/safety protection, easy adjustment of heads/capacities
  • mobility– versions on the frame, skids, wheeled chassis
Food Quality SH Gear Pumps
For pumping vegetable oils, fat and its substitutes, fat-mixed oils, melted mixtures, mayonnaise and so on.
 Boosta Multistage Pumps for Building up the Pressure
  • for water supply, pressure boost, handling of cold and hot water at a temperature of up to +120°С. The casing of the pump and impellers are made of stainless steel.
  • the branch pipes are arranged «in-line», the vertical and horizontal installations are both allowed
  • capacity of up to 160 m³/h., head – up to 250 m
Delium Double-Entry Pumps
  • the branch pipes are arranged «in-line», the flanges are executed according to DIN/ANSI/IS, high level of unification of the main subassemblies (i.e. parts commonality)
  • high efficiency, energy effectiveness
  • wide range of mediums being pumped
  • not only horizontal installation, but also the vertical one
  • the shaft is isolated and additionally relieved
  • additionally: hydrophobic coat, replaceable rings of the impeller, vibration and temperature sensors, reinforced bearings, hydrocyclone and so on.
Horizontal Double-Entry 1D 720-90 Pumps
  • capacity Qnom=720 m3/hour at the head Нnom=90m
  • advance energy effectiveness
  • according to technical characteristics and overall & mounting dimensions – it is intended to be a substitute for 1D 200-90 pumps
Centrifugal Cantilevered Chemical X Pumps
  • flow passage is made of stainless steel and different versions of the shaft sealing makes it possible to pump a wide range of liquids, including chemically active ones.
  • operation under temperature conditions ranging from -40°С up to +105°С.
  • availability of legs on the pump casing allows to perform repairs on the worksite without dismantling the pipelines