HMS Livgidromash set up series production of new electric pumps: Boosta and 1D 720-90

In order to expand nomenclature of produced items and to satisfy the incoming requests of the customers for domestic products the HMS Livgidromash mastered series production of the following equipment:

  • electric pump 1D 720-90, which ensures the capacity of Qnom= 720 m3/hour at a head of Нnom=90 m. The new standard size of the pump is notable for advance energy performance. The said pump can be used as a substitute of the 200D90 pumps considering its technical characteristics and overall & mounting dimensions.
  • multistage vertical electric pumps Boosta are designed for water-supply, pressure boost, transfer of cold and hot water at a temperature of up to +120°С and also different liquids similar to water. The casing of the pumps and the impellers proper are made of stainless steel. The Boosta pumps are provided with branch pipes arranged in-line («in-line» version) and are suitable for both vertical and horizontal installations. Maximum production capacity is up to 160 m³/h, maximum head – up to 250 m.

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