The series production of submersible sanitary pumps Gnom F & Gnom FR, furnished with a cutting mechanism, has been successfully mastered

JSC HMS Livgidromash continues to expand the standard series and to improve consumption properties of fabricated electric pumps intended for dirty water flows. 

The said electric pumps Gnom F & Gnom FR are referred to the standard series of slush-fitted sanitary pumps (Gnom FR type – is provided with cutting mechanism). Temperature of the liquid being pumped is up to 35 °С. The pumps are manufactured of special materials which are resistant to aggressive washing (detergent) agents being available in the waste stream.

Sanitary pumps Gnom F:

Насосы погружные фекальные Гном Ф

Electric pumps Gnom F are intended for pumping-out  household wastes with solid inclusions up to 50 mm in the diameter (up to 35 mm for the pumps Gnom F10…). The pumps Gnom F may be used:

  • for pumping-out liquids from the cesspits and detritus tanks,
  • for drying of flooded premises,
  • for dewatering of the pools,
  • for irrigation work in the rural zone.

Sanitary pumps Gnom FR furnished with cutting mechanism (shredder) :

Насосы погружные фекальные Гном ФР с измельчителемElectric pumps Gnom FR furnished with cutting mechanism are designed for pumping-out domestic waste flows with solid and fibrous inclusions. In comparison with Gnom F pumps the said pumps have too high pressure head and small diameter of the branch pipe (DN25): thus providing removal of waste streamflows with shredded additions for significantly long distances.

The Gnom RF pumps furnished with a shredder may be used:

  • for pumping-out the wastes from the sewer systems utilized by a great number of end users, when the presence of foreign matters in the streamflow is possible,
  • for pumping-out the wastes form the food processing enterprises, where the vegetable peelings and scraps of food penetrate into the waste hole during washing,
  • for pumping-down the wastes into common collecting pipes from the farming cottages, dachas, farms, built up in remote zones, where the setting-up of general gravity sewage systems is not possible,
  • for dewatering of open ponds with presence of algae, earth and rubbish