Vibration household electric pumps BV "Malysh"

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Domestic vibration electric pumps (hereinafter referred to as the pumps) BV 0,12-40 “Malysh”, “Malysh-M” are intended to pump water from the shaft wells and bores having an internal diameter of more than 100 mm, the electric pumps BV 0,12-20 “Malysh-3” – from the shaft wells and bores having an internal diameter of 80 mm, and open reservoirs with a temperature of up to 35°С as well.

The pump can be used for watering of the farmlands, gardens, vegetable gardens.

Water is not to include aggressive admixtures. The content of mechanical particles is not more than 0,01% by weight.

Besides, the pump is capable of water pumping for long distances in horizontal work range (more than 100 m), i.e. to lift water from the reservoirs located at a significantly long distance from the water using activity.

Maximum depth of pump trip into the well – 3 m.

It is admitted to increase the pump setting depth, for example, in case of wells with low production rate.

Protection degree IPX8. Electric shock protection class - I or II (to be indicated during placement of order.


The pump consists of an electric drive, vibrator and pump casing, connected around a joint by four screws

The pump is produced in the following embodiments:

with lower intake of water under the trade name “Malysh”, “Malysh (p). Provision is made for the embodiment with the thermal protection. The pumps with thermal protection are marked by letter “K” near the entry of the power cord.

with upper intake of water under the trade name “Malysh-М”, “Malysh-М» (p), “Malysh-3”.

The letter (p) in the designation denotes the material of the flow passage – plastics.

The vibrator consists of a damper, coupling, diaphragm, rest and rod with an anchor pressed on the one end and a piston fitted on the other end.

The damper and the diaphragm arranged at a certain distance from each other, add proper direction to the rod, and also they ensure leak-proofness of the pump and prevent ingress of water into the electric drive cavity.

The casing of the pump is a hood, in the upper portion of which the barrel with holes to admit water and the nozzle for water removal are molded.

The valve sheltering inlet openings ensures free admission and outcome of water if there is no pressure.

The operating principle of the pump consists in using current strength, its transformation into mechanical oscillations of the anchor and piston. The piston through its vibrations causes the hydraulic impact within the barrel. Simultaneously the valve closes the inlet openings and the water is expelled into the discharge nozzle.

The pump of the Ist electric shock protection class is furnished with three-wire power cord with grounding core. The pump of the IInd electric shock protection class has the reinforced insulation and is completed with two-wire power cord.


  • water-supply of country houses and cottages by drinking water from wells
  • watering and an irrigation of agricultural plantations on dachas and private farms with use of water from the artesian wells and natural reservoirs
  • drying-out of undergrounds, ground floors of private houses from ground waters

Features /Advantages

  • copper winding enables operation in a continuous mode without overheating
  • high capacity -up to 1,8 m³/h,at work without head provides their application for drainage and irrigation

Technical parameters

Pump models Flow (nomin.), m³/h Head, m Head (max.), m Electric pump power, kW Current, A Voltage, V Frequency, Hz Weight, kg
BV "Malysh" 0.43 40 60 240 3.4 220 50 3.4
BV "Malysh-M" 0.43 40 60 240 3.4 220 50 3.4
BV "Malysh-3" 0.43 20 25 185 3.2 220 50 2

Pump type key

For example BV 0,12–40 «Malysh - М» (p) I cl. GOST 26287-84, where:

  • BV – domestic vibration pump
  • 0,12 – volumetric nominal capacity, l/s
  • 40 – heat at nominal capacity, m
  • MALYSH-М (MALYSH-P, MALYSH-P1) - the trade name
  • (p) – designation of pump casing: (p) – plastic version of the casing, without designation – aluminium version
  • I cl. - electric shock protection class, I – the Ist electric shock protection class, without designation - the IInd electric shock protection class