Automatic core shooters by LAEMPE 

Impeller prototype manufactured

Casting simulation in LVMFlow

Our foundry capacities consist of cast iron shop with 600 ton/month productivity, steel and non-ferrous and special alloy casting shop, with 60 ton/month productivity, injection molding, permanent mold casting and liquid forging of aluminium alloys, pattern-making.

HMS Livgidromash applies advanced equipment and technologies in making mold cores with LAEMPE equipment, mould-and-core making with OMEGA equipment.

We use modern CNC machinery to make foudtry tooling (go to Tool Making ) for high quality casting and operating efficiency. Certain tools with a complex geometry are manufactured using EDEN500V™ 3d printer with 16 microns that also applied for prototyping of new products.

Iron-smelting is carried out in gas cokeless cupolas, which is more eco friendly and provides with high quality cast iron. Steel and non-ferrous alloys are smelted in induction furnaces with 250 and 400 kg capacity.

Quality of alloys is verified in central factory lab (CFL) which is equipped with modern tools for mechanical tests and micro-and-macrostructure tests. Chemical composition is verified by FOUNDRY-MASTER, modern optical emission spectrometer,. There is also nondestructive testing lab as part of CFL.

Our research centre has a foundry department to develop and implement new processes and new machinery, support full-scale production and upgrade of foundry facilities. All projects are carried out with CAD programs. Complex critical and challenging castings are simulated in LVMFlow program before being manufactured.