Centrifugal overhung pumps 2K

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Centrifugal overhung pumps 2К series and electric pump units on their base are intended for pumping water in stationary conditions (except for sea water), with рН=6…9, with a content of mechanical impurities not exceeding 1% by mass and of size 0,2 mm maximum as well as other liquids similar to water in density, viscosity and chemical activity at temperature from 263 up to 393 К (from minus 10 up to +120°С).

The pumps 2К series are related to the items of aspect 1 (repairable ones) as per GOST 27.003-90 and are manufactured in climatic version U3.1 and Т2 as per GOST 15150-69.

The pumps (units are not intended for installing in explosion-and-fire dangerous premises. Pumps and units are supplied for export as per OST 26-06-2011-79.


The pumps 2К series – are centrifugal, horizontal, cradle-mounted with a gland seal of the shaft or sealing rings made of composite material.

The pump case is a cast iron casting in which the inlet and outlet branch pipes, the spiral chamber and supporting foot are executed. The inlet branch pipe is arranged along the axis of rotation, the outlet branch pipe is directed vertically upwards and is positioned in the same plane with the axis of rotation.

The impeller – is single-entry, of closed type. The supply of liquid to the impeller is an axial one.

The radial blades (impeller), relieved the axial stresses and gland pressure, are executed on the main disk.

The impeller is fastened to the shaft by fairing, fixed by self-unfastening of lock washer.

The rotor of the pump is put in rotation by electric motor through the flexible coupling with rubber-bushed studs. Two radial thrust bearings arranged in the bracket are served as rotor supports. The sense of rotor rotation – is clockwise, as viewed from the drive end.

Connection sizes of the flanges – as per ГОСТ12815-80, type 1.


  • pumping of pure water (cold, hot up to 120°C) in water supply systems in complexes of housing and communal services, municipal water canals
  • ensuring additional circulation in water and heat supply systems - of apartments and household objects
  • supply systems of service water, for technological processes of industrial enterprises including oil refining and metallurgical branches
  • providing with water of gardening and garden suburbs
  • fire extinguishing systems of inhabited and civil objects
  • on heat supply facilities - thermal power plant, the nuclear power plant, for work of the main and auxiliary systems of stations which are connected with use of pure and service water

Features /Advantages

  • industrial oil is applied for bearing lubrication to provide reliable operation with handling liquids with up to 120°С temperature
  • extensive impeller diameter selection including customized, enables optimal pump selection according to operating conditions place
  • stuffing box made of modern thermal expanded graphite considerably reduces time for maintenance

Technical parameters

Pump models Flow (nomin.), m³/h Flow (max.), m³/h Head, m Pump power input (max.), kW Rotation speed, rpm Rotation speed, c˜¹ Pump inlet pressure, kgf/sm², max
2K 80-65-160 52 65 32 7 2900 48 6
2K 80-65-160a 45 55 30 6 2900 48 6
2K 80-65-160l 50 70 35 8 2900 48 6
2K 80-65-160m 50 75 38 9 2900 48 6
2K 100-80-160 100 125 32 13 2900 48 6
2K 100-80-160a 90 120 38 11 2900 48 6
2K 100-80-160b 90 115 25 9 2900 48 6
2K 100-80-160v 80 110 22 8 2900 48 6
2K 100-80-160m 100 128 34 13 2900 48 6

Pump type key

Example 2К100-80-160 U3.1 TU3631-186-05747979-2001, where :

  • 2 – second pump upgrading (liquid lubricant of bearings)
  • К – cradle-mounted pump
  • 100 – diameter of inlet branch pipe, mm
  • 80 – diameter of outlet branch pipe, mm
  • 160 – nominal diameter of the impeller, mm
  • а – impeller turning index : а,b,v - reduced diameter of the impeller, l, m - enlarged diameter of the impeller
  • U3.1 – climatic version and location category