Rotary lobe flanged pumps NKF

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Rotary lobe flanged pump of NKF-54 type is designed to deliver water contaminated by mechanical particles not exceeding 0,2% by weight and up to 0,2 mm in size for fire-fighting applications.

Pump[s are fabricated in climatic version UHL, location category I. I. GOST 15150-69.

Parts of the pump flow passage are made of grey cast iron.


Rotary lobe pump comprises the hydraulic part and the power end.

The hydraulic part accommodates: casing, rotors, rear and front covers.

The pump power end includes: the casing with a flange, gear body with rolling-contact bearings and the timing gears.

The suction nozzle and the connecting branch pipe with T-joint are run out of the hydraulic part.

The rotor lobes are attached to the shafts by means of hot filling-in method. Synchronization of rotors' rotation is provided by the timing gears being accommodated in the gear body.

The main rotor consists of the shaft with lobe and the bushing with internal splines, which is welded to the shaft. The flange-mounted casing is served to attach the pump onto the tractor. To mount the pump onto the power take-off shaft of the DT-75 tractor provision is made for the transitional plate which is fixed to the pump.

The pump tip together with the gasket is connected to the suction nozzle by way of the coupling nut.

The hose is put onto the pump tip, then one should arrange the inlet valve tip on the opposing side of the hose, and finally the inlet valve underlain with gasket is screwed up.

The intake valve consists of the cylindrical body (in its bottom portion there are a lot of holes of 7 mm in diameter to serve as filters), upright, internal flange and the flange.

The rotary lobe pump is designed as positive displacement pump, i.e.the pumped liquid is moved thanks to the change of volume. In rotation the liquid is entrapped by rotor lobes and moved from the suction chamber to the delivery one.


  • at agricultural enterprises for operative water-supply (an irrigation, fertilizer application) with use of natural sources of water (river, lake, pond, etc.)
  • for the watering place organization on livestock farms with use of natural sources of water
  • for operative delivery of water from natural sources for forest fire fighting
  • for pumping of water (drying-out) from natural reservoirs, ditches, etc. in case of impossibility of use of the electric pump equipment

Features /Advantages

  • flanges enable pump mounting to vehicle motor , to PTO shaft. that allows to realize installation directly on the engine of the car (tractor) to a power take-off shaft

Technical parameters

Pump models Flow (nomin.), m³/h Pump power input (max.), kW Rotation speed, rpm Rotation speed, c˜¹ Pump outlet pressure, kgf/sm², max Allowable vacuum suction, m
NKF-54 42 15 530 8 6 6

Pump type key

For example NKF-54 TU 26-06-1181-78, where :

  • NKF - rotary lobe flange-mounted pump
  • 54 - geometrical capacity of the pump, m³/h