Centrifugal pumps for waste water SM

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Centrifugal pumps SM series, intended for pumping of urban and industrial sewage masses and other non-aggressive liquids with density up to 1050 kg/m³ with pH=6 - 8,5 , with temperature up to 353K (80ºC) and content of abrasive particles up to5 mm in size, 1% maximum by mass. The maximum concentration of pumped mass is 2%. The maximum content of gas in the pumped medium is 5%.

The pumps may be applied in other productions if their parameters and version type satisfy the conditions of service and safety in these productions.

The pumps (units) are referred to the items of aspect 1 (restorable) acc. to GOST 27.003-90 and are fabricated in climatic version UHL for location category 3.1 and climatic version T of location category 2 acc. to GOST 15150-69.

The pumps and units are designed for the regions with seismic activity up to 7- points inclusive on the MSK-64 seismic scale.

The pumps and units are made in compliance with the general safety standards as per GOST R 52743-2007.

Pumps with end-face seal of the shaft are furnished with explosion-proof electric motors intended for installation in explosion-and-fire hazard productions. Classes of explosion-and-fire hazard zones 1 , 2 GOST R 51330.9-99.

Pumps and units are supplied for export as per OST 26-06-2011-79.


The pumps of CM type - centrifugal , horizontal, cradle-mounted, with stuffing box seal of the shaft.

The pump case is a cast-iron moulding, in which the pump inlet and outlet branch pipe, volute-circular removal and supporting legs are executed. The pump inlet is located along the rotation axis, the outlet branch pipe is turned to upwards in vertical position and is arranged in the same plane with the rotation axis of the wheel.

The design of inlet branch pipe provides both round and square execution.

The bracket fastens to he pump case by studs. The bracket is connected with sealing case by screws.

The water lock and cooling of stuffing box seal is provided by means of clean water supply to the sealing zone, with pressure not less than for 0,1 –0,15 MPa (1-1,5 kgf/cm²) higher than that at inlet.

Supply of barrier liquid in the end-face seal zone is not required.

The impeller – centrifugal, single-entry, of closed type. The impeller is unloaded from axial forces by radial blades on main impeller disk (impeller).

The pump rotor is driven via an electric motor through a coupling with rubber-bushed studs. Two types of couplings is admitted to use. Two radial-thrust bearings, installed in the bracket, serve as rotor supports

The sense of rotation of the rotor is left-hand (counter-clockwise), if viewed from the part of suction branch pipe.

There is a hole in delivery pipe branch for discharge of the air during pump priming and used (if necessary) for connection of pressure gauge.

The connecting sizes of the flanges – according to GOST 12815-80, type I.


  • systems of water removal of sewer drains of industrial and economic objects (housing and communal services, municipal water canals)
  • drainage systems for sewage treatment
  • pumping and draining of sewage flows at the industrial enterprises including the enterprises of metallurgical and oil refining branches

Features /Advantages

  • own supporting enable pump dismantling without disconnection from pipelines
  • extensive impeller diameter selection including customized, enables optimal pump selection according to operating conditions place
  • single mechanical seals expand pump applications and enable their operation in explosion-dangerous and fire-dangerous places

Technical parameters

Pump type key

Example СМ 80-50-200а-Е-2 UHL3.1 TU26-06-1672-95, where:

  • СМ – sewage-mass pump
  • 80 – diameter of inlet hole, mm
  • 50 – diameter of outlet hole, mm
  • 200 – diameter of impeller (conventional) , mm
  • а - impeller turning index : а,b, - reduced diameter of the impeller
  • Е - type of sealing, Е - end-face seal, without idex - stuffing-box seal
  • 2 – rotating frequency index: 2 – 48,4 s-1 (2900 rpm), 4 – 24,2 s-1 (1450 rpm), 6 – 16,0 s-1 (960 rpm)
  • UHL – climatic version
  • 3.1 – location category