Injection molding machine
from Sumitomo Demag
Flatbed cutting plotter by Mimaki

We successfully implemented and use the following processes:

  • Thermal processing - hardening, annealing, carburizing, gas nitriding, salt-bath quenching, HFC hardening.  Equpment in use - chamber furnaces, blast furnaces, HFC units.
  • Rubber part manufacturing: molded, pressed, casted, reinforced details. Equipment in use-  vulcanizing presses and autoclaves.
  • Plastic detail production: pressed, casted, reinforced details. Equipment in use - automatic presses for plastics, injection molding machines from KuASy and Demag.
  • Plasma sprayed alumina coatings .
  • Thermal cutting: oxy-fuel and plazma cutting.
  • Dot peen marking. Equipment in use: E8-С-151 dot peen marking machine by SIC .
  • Gasket cutting from of paronite, cardboard, rubber and plastic.
  • Equipment in use: CF2-1218RC-S Flatbed cutting plotter by Mimaki.