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Gear pumps of NSH type are intended for pumping under pressure of mineral oil in the hydraulic systems of tractors, loaders and agricultural machines, municipal engineering and road-building machinery and other motor-integrated machines.

Pumps are fabricated in climatic version U location category I as per GOST15150-69.


Pumps of NSH type are fixed on the power take-off shaft, the torque is transmitted by way of splined joint of the pump shaft and power take-off shaft.

Gear pump consists of the casing, main rotor, secondary rotor, supporting bushings, rubber cuffs, sealing rings, front and rear covers, bolts with spring lock washers.

Arranged in the front cover is an opening for driving shaft outlet. From outer side the cuff is pressed into the said opening to seal the main rotor of the pump.

The main rotor has a prolonged splined shaft end. The pump is fixed on the power take-off shaft, the torque is transmitted by way of splined joint of the pump shaft and power take-off shaft.

The operating principle of the gear pump is as follows: in the course of rotation of the main and secondary rotor a vacuum is created at the inlet side as a result the liquid under atmospheric pressure fills the cavities between gear teeth and then is moved from the inlet to the outlet. At the outlet while the teeth are in engagement the liquid is expelled into the system.


  • Mechanical engineering - for delivery of mineral oil in hydraulic systems: different mechanisms, tractors, loaders

Features /Advantages

  • simple design provides high reliability of pump. Casing-gears clearance adjusting device provides high pump efficiency
  • virtually no need in maintenance
  • compact size for use in CONFINed space
  • single mechanical seals made of different materials (no need in barrier liquid supply)
  • NSH10М, NSH32-М are serially manufactured
  • in left and the right rotation are available

Technical parameters

Pump models Pump power input (max.), kW Rotation speed (rang), rpm Rotation speed (rang), c˜¹ Pump outlet pressure, kgf/sm², max Pump efficiency,% Weight, kg Kinematic viscosity of pumped liquid (calculated), ° VU Kinematic viscosity of pumped liquid (rang), ° VU
NSH 10-M 7 1500...2400 25...40 210 81 2.5 10 7.5...10
NSH 32-M 15 1500...2400 25...40 210 81 6.2 10 7.5...10

Pump type key

For example NSH 10-М-3 L U1 TU3632-014-05747979-97, where:

  • NSH – gear pump
  • 10 - working volume, cm³
  • М - modification
  • 3 - version according to the pressure parameter [pressure 16МPа (160 kgf/сm²)]
  • L - sense of rotation of the main rotor, left-hand, if viewed from the drive end (right-hand – is not indicated)
  • U1 – climatic version and location category as per GOST15150-69