Submersible sanitary (sewage transfer) Sidus pumps

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The submersible sewage Sidus pumps are designed to pump sewage and waste water, as well as other non- aggressive liquids with a density of up to 1250 kg/m3, with a hydrogen value рН within the range of  5...12, with a high content of solid particles having a dimension of up to 160 mm and long-fibred inclusions.

The said electric pump is not intended for operation in explosion-and-fire hazard premises.


Range of capacities 8 - 2500 m3/h
Range of heads 7 - 80 m
Temperature of the liquid being handled up to + 80 °С
Size of solid particles being handled up to 160 mm
Rotational speed 750 - 3000 rpm
Degree of protection of the electric motor IP68
Mode of operation    continuous
Diameter of delivery branch pipe 40 – 400 mm
Type of impellers semi-open, channel (single-blade, multi-blade), free-vortex ones
Materials of impellers grey cast-iron, stainless steel, duplex steel with 25% of chrome
Seal of the shaft double end-face seal
Materials of seal friction pair silicon carbide/silicon carbide


The said electric pump is a monoblock consisting of the electric motor and centrifugal pump.

The motors are provided with dry winding with incorporated temperature protection sensors. 

The construction design provides for various types of impellers: semi-open, channel (single-blade, multi-blade), free-vortex ones. Impellers have different material versions: grey cast iron, stainless steel, duplex steel with 25 % of chrome.

The tightness of the motor is effected by two end-face seals and the dividing oil chamber. Oil chamber is equipped with system of warning about leaks.


  • Pumping of sewage water of the industrial and civil housing facilities
  • Removal of flooding waters and stormwater drainage system
  • Pumping of drainage and sanitary water flows of the subway
  • Drainages of foundation pits and ditches of industrial and civil engineering construction facilities
  • Removal of ground waters and drainage of agricultural lands
  • Water-lowering and water-removing systems in ore mining industry
  • Emptying of drainage pits, septic tanks, sumps, and in-taking reservoirs
  • Adjustment of water level in collecting tanks, reservoirs, fire ponds
  • Drainage of reservoirs, pools and water reservoirs

Features /Advantages

  • The submersible sewage pumps may be located close-in the reservoirs with liquid to be pumped (at “wet” installation) or in the machine room of the pumping station (in case of “dry” installation). In the last case while some flooding occurs in the machine room the pump may be used as emergency drainage machine and be operated under flooding conditions.
  • The cooling of the motor in submersible condition is carried out by pumped medium, but in case of “dry” installation – with liquid being circulated in cooling housing, thus ensuring more effective cooling of the motor in comparison with the cooling air fan.
  • The construction design uses end-face seals of global Manufacturers.
  • The pumps are completed with devices for rapid lifting and lowering trip into the reservoirs without using additional accessories.
  • The possibility to install different models of the impellers makes it possible to apply pumps for handling liquids with high content of solid mechanical admixtures and long-fiber inclusions. 

Technical parameters

Pump type key

For example: Sidus  4  C - 100 / 270 – 7,5 - 145N - G - P    Specs. 28.13.14-025-00217975-2018, where:

  • Sidus – is the trade name
  • 4 – is the number of motor poles (50 Hz) 
  • 2  -  3000 rpm 
    4  -  1500 rpm 
    6  -  1000 rpm
    8  -  750 rpm 
  • С – is the type of the electric pump 
  • А   -   with semi-open impeller 
    С   -   with channel impeller 
    VT -   with free-vortex impeller 
    OG -  with semi-open rubberized impeller, the rubberized flow passage 
  • 100 – is the diameter of the delivery pipeline, mm 
  • 270 – is the maximum diameter of the impeller, mm 
  • 7,5 – is the rated power of the motor, кW
  • 145N – is the model of the impeller 
  • G – version according to the material of the impeller used 
  • G  -  grey cast iron 
    S  -  corrosion-resistant steel 
    D  -  duplex steel 
  • P – is the type of assembly
  • P    -   mobile one (without forced cooling) 
    F    -   mobile one (with forced cooling) 
    S  -   stationary one together with lowering device (without forced cooling)