AUPD - Automated pressure booster pump unit on the basis of Boosta pump

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Automated pumping installation for pressure boosting offers the next following functions:

  • automatic boost & maintenance of the specified pressure and temperature parameters within water supply systems of the public buildings, industrial production plants, civil apartment houses, different complex facilities and utility networks.
  • automatic energizing/deenergizing of the pumps at specified minimal and maximal pressure & temperature;
  • tartup of the standby pump in case of the emergency situation;
  • automatic in-sequence operation of the pumps;
  • actuation of the pumps in manual mode of operation;
  • protection against overcurrent;
  • protection against «dry» run of the machine;
  • self-starting of the machine just after voltage change.


The said pressure booster installations actually are pumping stations incorporating 2-4 multi-stage vertical Boosta pumps.

Boosta pumps are installed on the common frame and are interconnected by suction and delivery pipelines.  The pumps are attached to the collectors by way of the shutoff fittings and non-return valves.

Control panel is hooked up to the upright (base member) mounted on the frame. 

The pressure boost installations are operated on the basis of different speed control & adjustment methods:

  • AUPD … Boosta … CHR  with several frequency converters.
    The pressure boost installations incorporating 2÷4  Boosta pumps:  meanwhile each pump is connected with individual (separate) frequency converter.  All pumps operate with adjustable rotational speed and with the same revolutions (rpm).

  • AUPD … Boosta ... KCHR  with cascade-frequency control.
    The pressure boost installations incorporating 2÷4  Boosta pumps: meanwhile only one pump is equipped with frequency converter . The rest of the pumps are activated in dependence upon requirements imposed by the system and are running with constant speed.

The constant pressure is maintained through adjustable speed control of the pump which has been hooked up to the frequency converter.


  • to increase and maintain pressure within utility water supply systems (running cold/hot water) of dwelling houses and utility buildings
  • for network systems with a great number of consumers, in which the cycling of water consumption may differ significantly during different time of the day and be frequent as well.
  • for network systems in which monitoring over pump plant operation is constant due to dispatcher (supervisory) control
  • for the automated water supply systems of private dwelling houses
  • for automated fire-fighting systems of utility & living accommodation facilities
  • or irrigation works within watering systems of private and public farms and agricultural communities
  • for delivering pure, industrial (cold/hot) water within water supply systems of industrial facilities including enterprises of metallurgical and oil-processing industry sectors

Features /Advantages

  • the said installations automatically maintain the specified parameters depending on water distribution levels at the using activities of the Consumers
  • the said installations are constantly running with optimum efficiency factor owing to separate pumps switching in/off or thanks to adjustable speed control

Technical parameters

Pump type key

For example AUPD  2  Boosta 50-1501 KCHR , where:

  • AUPD – is the automated pressure booster installation;

  • 2 – is the total number of the pumps;

  • Boosta 50-1501 – is the type of the basic pump unit;

  • KCHR – is the type of speed control: KCHR –  is the cascade-frequency control, CHR   – is the adjustable frequency control

For example AUPD  2  Boosta 50-1501   P   Boosta 25-205 , where:

  • AUPD – is the automated pressure booster installation;

  • – is the total number of the pumps;

  • Boosta 50-1501 – is the type of the basic pump unit;

  • P - is the type of speed control: P – it stands for fire-fighting systems;

  • Boosta 25-205 – is the type of delivery pump (for sprinkler systems)

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