Centrifugal overhung chemical pumps H

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  • Nuclear power
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Centrifugal chemical pumps of H type and electric pump units on their base are designed for pumping chemically active and neutral liquids having a density not exceeding 1850 kg/m3, with a content of solid inclusions not more than 0,1% by volume, and the size of particles not exceeding 0,2 mm, for which the corrosion of the flow passage material is 01mm/year, maximum. Kinematic viscosity of up to 30х10-6 m2/s. The temperature of pumped liquid ranging from 233 up to 393 (from minus 40°С up to +120°С).

The pumps being included into the composition of the pumping unit are related to the items of general purpose, aspect I (repairable ones) ГОСТ 27.003-90 and are fabricated in climatic version У2 and Т2 as per ГОСТ 15150-69.

The pumps furnished with end-face seal of the shaft and completed with explosion-proof motors, are intended for installing in explosion-and fire hazard premises.

The classes of explosion hazard zones are 1,2 ГОСТ Р51330.9-99. The pumps and units have been designed with due account for the export delivery in conformity with the requirements of ОСТ26-06-2011-79.


The pumps of  H type – are centrifugal, chemical machines, which are manufactured with stuffing box seal of the shaft or end-face seal of the shaft (single or double seal).

The case of the pump is a casting, in which the inlet and outlet branch pipes, spiral discharge and supporting legs are executed.

The inlet branch pipe is positioned along the axis of rotation, the outlet branch pipe is directed straight up and located in the same plane with the axis of rotation.

The casing of the pump is attached to the flange of the bracket. The bracket is connected with the seal housing by screws.

Arranged in the seal housing are the holes for supplying the cooling (barrier) liquid to the stuffing box or end-face seals. While pumping liquids with a temperature of 333 К (+60°С) the delivery of barrier liquid is effected from the pump case through the opening in the seal housing.

When the liquids having a temperature over 333К (+600С) are handled, the delivery of cooling (barrier) liquid is effected from the external supply source of cold water. For which purpose it is necessary to replace the plug in the seal housing with the pipe connection for a length of 30…35mm (in order to shutoff the holes in the seal housing as viewed from the case end).

The impeller – is centrifugal, of one-sided entry, closed type. The feed of liquid to the impeller is an axial one. The impeller is relieved from the action of axial forces by discharge openings executed on the main disk of the impeller.

The rotor of the pump is put in rotation by the electric motor through the coupling with rubber-bushed studs. It is admitted to use other types of couplings. Two radial bearings, installed in the bracket, give support to the rotor. To measure the temperature of the bearings, provision is made in the bracket for two openings М8х1-7Н. The sense of rotor rotation – clockwise, if viewed from the drive end.

Located in the top portion of the pump case is a hole, closed by plug and served to release an air. The bottom part of the case accommodates the hole, closed by plug and served to discharge the remaining liquid when the pump is stopped for a long period of time. Provision is made in the bracket for the pipe connection Dnom= 6,5 mm, which is designed to remove the leaks of liquid.


  • Pumping of oil processed products, liquids and mediums within the technical processes at the oil-refining & chemical plants, shipyards
  • Pumping of neutral, chemically active, harmful and highly explosive liquids within the technological processes at the mining & smelting plants, thermal power engineering, nuclear-power industry.

Features /Advantages

  • Flow passage made of stainless steel and different versions of the shaft seals make it possible to pump a wide range of liquids including chemically-active ones.
  • Good use of completing parts gives guarantees of successful operation at a temperature from minus 40°С up to +120°С.
  • The legs which are available on the pump case give possibility to perform repairs at the worksite without dismantling the pipelines.

Technical parameters

Pump models Flow (nomin.), m³/h Head, m Pump power input (max.), kW Rotation speed, rpm Rotation speed, c˜¹ Pump inlet pressure, MPa, max Impeller diameter, mm Efficiency,% Voltage, V Frequency, Hz Type of current Admissible positive suction head, m, max
H-80-50-200 50 50 15 2900 48 6 208 65 220/380 50 AC 3.5
H-80-50-200a 45 45 11 2900 48 6 186 65 220/380 50 AC 3.5
H-100-65-250 100 80 40 2900 48 6 254 67 220/380 50 AC 4.5
H-100-65-250a 80 70 34 2900 48 6 238 67 220/380 50 AC 4.5
H-100-65-250b 80 60 27 2900 48 6 220 67 220/380 50 AC 4.5
H-100-65-250m 100 90 45 2900 48 6 267 67 220/380 50 AC 4.5

Pump type key

For example Х-Е-80-50-200 а-55-К U 2 ТU3631-406-00217975-2013, where:

  • Х – is the chemical pump;
  • Е – is the index number of the pump which is inended for servicing at the explosion-and-fire hazard productions as per ГОСТ 31839-2012. For the pumps of general industrial purpose the said index is not to be stated;
  • 80 – is the diameter of the inlet branch pipe, mm;
  • 50 – is the diameter of outlet branch pipe, mm;
  • 200 – is the diameter of the impeller (conventional), mm;
  • а – is the classification index concerning the impeller turning operation: m or l – enlarged diameters, a, b or v – reduced diameters of the impeller;
  • 55 – is the type of the seal: without designation – stuffing-box seal, 5 – single end-face seal, 55 – double end-face seal;
  • К – is the material version: Е - chromium-nickel molybdenum steel 12Х18Н12М3Т; К - chromium-nickel steel 12Х18Н9Т; Д - chrome steel 20Х13;
  • U – is the climatic version;
  • 2 – is the location category.