Gear pumps of SH type (for food products)

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The gear pump SH40-4П and electric pump units on its base are used in food industry to handle vegetable oils, fat and its substitutes, fat-mixed oil, melted mixtures, mayonnaise and other fluids possessing lubricating power and designed to ensure the linear velocity of corrosion of the flow passage not over 0,1 mm/year, at their kinematic viscosity from 0,018×10-4 up to 22×10-4 m2/s (from 1,08 up to 300°Е) at a temperature of up to 373К (100°С).

The pump is related to the items of general purpose (ION) and multiple cyclic usage, aspect I (repairable machines) GOST 27.003 and is fabricated in climatic version U, location category 2 or 3 as per GOST 15150. At the Customer's request the pumps may be supplied in export version and tropical export version in conformity with requirements of OST26-06-2011-79 and in climatic version and location category – Т2 as per GOST 15150. 

In accordance with the demand of the Customer the pump may be delivered with electric motor or another driver having a Certificate of conformity and meeting the prescribed requirements and in-use conditions. In this case the pump together with the electric motor (driver) is mounted on a common frame, and their shafts are interconnected with elastic coupling being guarded by protective housing.


Electric pump unit of SH type is mounted on a common frame and is composed of a gear pump and electric motor which are interconnected with a coupling protected by housing.

At the Customer's request the pump may be supplied in assembly with the coupling or without the coupling, less the electric motor and frame.

As to the principle of operation the gear pump is a positive displacement machine. During rotation of the driving and driven rotors a rarefaction is created at the inlet port, as a result the liquid under the atmospheric pressure fills the hollows between the teeth and moves within them from the inlet side to the outlet side. At the outlet when the teeth are in engagement the liquid is extruded into the system. 

The pump consists of the following main details and subassemblies: working mechanism, casing with the rear and front covers, an end-face seal or a collar (as required by the Customer).  The safety and relief valves are not designed in the pump.

The end-face seal is Russian-made, the collar – of own production.

Working mechanism consists of two rotors – the driving and driven ones and the bushings (plain bearings).


  • in food and processing industry - for pumping vegetable oils, fat and its substitutes, fat-mixed oils, melted mixtures and other liquids possessing lubricating power

Features /Advantages

  • operating convenience, in actual fact the pump does not require technical maintenance
  • simplicity of design: thus ensuring its high reliability
  • high efficiency
  • is easily dismantled and washed
  • the compact sizes of the pump allow to use it within limited space

Technical parameters

Pump models Flow, liters, min Rotation speed, rpm Pump outlet pressure, MPa, max Pump outlet pressure, kgf/sm², max Pump efficiency,% Kinematic viscosity of pumped liquid (calculated), ° VU Kinematic viscosity of pumped liquid (rang), ° VU Power (nominal), kW Engine model
SH 40-4P-19,5/4B-11 5.4 980 0.4 4.0 50 11...80 1.08...300 6.5 ВА132М6У2
SH 40-4P-19,5/4B-1 5.4 980 0.4 4.0 50 11...80 1.08...300 6.5 ВА132S6У2
SH 40-4P-19,5/4B-5 5.4 980 0.4 4.0 50 11...80 1.08...300 6.5 5АМХ132S6У3
SH 40-4P-19,5/4B-10 5.4 980 0.4 4.0 50 11...80 1.08...300 6.5 ВА132M6У2

Pump type key

For example SH40-4P-19,5/4B U3  Specs 3632-314-00217975-2016, where :

  • SH – is the gear pump

  • 40 – is the rounded-off capacity in litres per 100 revolutions;

  • 4 – is the maximum pressure of the pump, kgf/сm2;

  • P – denotes that it is liable for contacting with food products;

  • 19,5 – is the capacity of the pump, m3/h;

  • 4 – is the pressure at the pump outlet, kgf/сm2;

  • B – is the material of the flow passage material (bronze).

  • U3 – is the climatic version and location category as per GOST 15150.

For the pumping unit  - 
SH40-4P-19,5/4B-1 U3 Specs. 3632-314-00217975-2016, where:

  • SH40-4P-19,5/4B – is the conventional alphanumerical designation of the pump (see above);

  • 1 – is the version according to the electric motor used;

  • U3 – is the climatic version and location category as per GOST 15150.