Sale of pumps: +7 (48677) 7-81-00
Procurement :
+7 (48677) 7-80-09
+7 (48677) 7-80-00
Mon-Fri: 800- 1700 MSK, Break: 1300- 1400 MSK, Sat-Sun - Closed

How to become a dealer?

   Only  "HMS Livgidromash" can grant the authorized dealer status under the following conditions:

  • comply with qualifying requirements of HMS Livgidromash
  • sign the dealership agreement with HMS Livgidromash annually

Please fill out the Application Form and answer the questions to First deputy managing director - director of marketing and sales service to apply for the Authorized Dealer status.

Qualifying requirements:

  • 3 years+ experience in pumps/ industrial equipment markets
  • 1 year at least being wholesale customer of HMS Livgidromash
  • solid financials.

Dealership condtions:

  • Discounts set by pricing policy of  HMS Livgidromash
  • Ability to provide trade credit up to 30 days
  • Contact information on the HMS Livgidromash website
  • Priority in shipments
  • Consulting
  • Marketing support
  • Confidentiality of information received
  • Personnel training