Sanitary pumps Gnom FR furnished with cutting mechanism (shredder)

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Gnom FR
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  • Water supply
  • Water supply
  • Drainage
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Electric pumps Gnom FR furnished with cutting mechanism are designed for pumping-out domestic waste flows with solid and fibrous inclusions. In comparison with Gnom F pumps the said pumps have too high pressure head and small diameter of the branch pipe (DN25): thus providing removal of waste streamflows with shredded additions for significantly long distances.


  • for pumping-out the wastes from the sewer systems utilized by a great number of end users, when the presence of foreign matters in the streamflow is possible
  • for pumping-out the wastes form the food processing enterprises, where the vegetable peelings and scraps of food penetrate into the waste hole during washing 
  • for pumping-down the wastes into common collecting pipes from the farming cottages, dachas, farms, built up in remote zones, where the setting-up of general gravity sewage systems is not possible
  • for dewatering of open ponds with presence of algae, earth and rubbish

Technical parameters

Pump models Flow (rang), m³/h Pump power input (max.), kW Current, A Voltage, V Power (nominal), kW
Gnom FR 4-17 0.9 - 6.6 1.39 2.63 380V 1.1
Gnom FR 4-17 0.9 - 6.6 1.5 6.84 220V 1.1
Gnom FR 4-17 D 0.9 - 6.6 1.5 6.84 220V 1.1

Pump type key

For example  Gnom FR 4 – 17 D , 220V,where :

  • Gnom – is the trademark of the pump
  • R – with cutting mechanism (shredder)
  • F – sanitary (field of use)
  • 4 – is the nominal capacity, m³/h
  • 17 – is the rated head, m
  • D – furnished with liquid-level switch (float switch) for the pumps with power supply from the single-phase network of 220 V, but in case with no designation – the package contents do not include the float switch
  • 220V – is the version of the pump operated from the single-phase network, 380V  - with power supply from the three-phase network.

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