JSC HMS Livgidromash has become the winner of the Vital Stream National Prize

JSC HMS Livgidromash has become the winner of the Vital Stream National Prize in the sphere of industrial production and market provisions applicable to pumping equipment in nominated category Implemented Project – Delium production line.

The acknowledgement ceremony of the award winners the Vital Stream National Prize established by Russian Association of pumpsꞌ producers (РАПН) has taken place in Moscow.

The said Delium Electric Pumps are regarded as the new generation of horizontal centrifugal double-entry pumps of «D» type fabricated at the JSC HMS Livgidromash starting from 1953.  The mastering of pumps manufacture is a result of a number of improvements of the pumps such as standardization of the details and subunits, significant reduction in consumption of materials, improvement of energy characteristics and further expansion of application range due to variety of material & design embodiments. The new standard size of the pump is characterized by consumption properties up to those ones of the worldwide master prototypes.

In order to organize industrial production of Delium pumps the trade investment program for production engineering was worked out at the JSC HMS Livgidromash.

The requirements of the program were the following ones: updating of pattern equipment production site, foundry operation, acquisition of metal-working equipment, building-up of productsꞌ testing department as per the first accuracy class in accord with ISO 9906.

In connection with import substitution (localization) policy declared by the state government the mastering of DeLium pumps at the JSC HMS Livgidromash has proven to be well-timed. As to technical level, economical efficiency the said pumps are highly competitive with the products of the leading global producers, but DeLium pumps do have advantages of cost, time schedules and service availability which are important throughout the duration of the whole service life of the product.

The pumps have been designed in conformity with the requirements of European standards. All critical parts are manufactured and are subjected to tests including our own precision casting of the casings and impellers.

The pump «DeLium» was twice nominated in Vital Stream National awards as to pump-building industry (the Provider - Russian Association of pump producers) in Implemented Project (2014) and Localization (2015) nominated categories.

The design of the said pumps is protected by RF patent for useful model №155586 Centrifugal Double-Entry Pump.