On 29.11.2018 the JSC HMS Livgidromash welcomed special delegation of chief mechanics and leading engineers of NGDO PJSC Lukoil for purposes of working tour

The Lukoil Company actively uses pumps and related pumping equipment, manufactured by JSC HMS Livgidromash at its numerous using activities throughout different regions of Russia, for which reason the guests are well familiar with the product range of the enterprise. The main objective of the visit was business acquaintance with the enterprise, getting knowledge and approval of production capabilities as for manufacture of high-tech pumping equipment precisely in terms of compliance with API 610.

The participants of the said delegation consisting of senior officials and managers of technical and mechanical regional departments and service branches of PJSC Lukoil were given business opportunity to communicate directly with the developers and technical specialists of JSC HMS Livgidromash.

The Managing Director of the enterprise Mr. Dvoryadkin A.F. opened a meeting in the conference hall of the enterprise. The presentation event included product introduction, knowledge tour of history, todayꞌs operational activities and production prospects for the future. Further the representatives of JSC Hydromashservice (Integrated Commercial Company HMS Group) held the presentation of HMS Group and the products manufactured by the companies from among the Group. Special attention was paid to the matters of guarantee maintenance service and after-sales maintenance of the supplied pumping equipment, as well as issues of comprehensive approach to solving any assigned problem or production target. The next presentation offered by Deputy Head Executive for R & D Center of JSC HMS Livgidromash Mr. Katasonov R.G. provided insight into wide potentialities of the enterprise for foundry production, blank preparation operations, machining and assembling performance capabilities, test inspection and process equipment capacities

Within the scope of working tour of the enterprise the guests were offered with modern developments in the sphere of foundry operations and machining of duplex steel. The delegation visited production locations of many workshops, such as: № 18, Workshop №20, Machine-Assembly Shop №14, Machine-Assembly Shop №9, they were permitted to make familiar with the production capability of test operations center which makes possible to supply products of top-level quality to our Customers. In particular, great interest was gained among the specialists of Lukoil company towards paint & lacquer work capabilities, the performance of 100% incoming inspection check of the rolling-contact bearings and various non-destructive testing examinations. The guests got convinced that the up-to-date production of JSC HMS Livgidromash fully complies with top standards of modern mechanical engineering.

In spite of the fact that the products of our enterprise have been applied for a long time by structural divisions of Lukoil company; many members of the delegation have visited the plant for the first time. The guests were admitted to check the conditions of real production and to make certain that all technological processes are in conformity with relevant technical standards and the proper production facilities and R & D capabilities of the enterprise make it possible to develop and produce modern energy-saving products.

Following the results of the business tour to the JSC HMS Livgidromash the representatives of PJSC Lukoil greatly appreciated all presentational events of this trip and confirmed their interest in further developing mutually beneficial cooperation.